My 9th Half Marathon - Where the Real Prize was Not Pooping My Pants

A couple of weekends ago I completed my 9th half marathon. It was the worst one I'd ever done but it's okay because I plan to do another one this Spring and hope to get a PR for my 10th one.

My training started off really well. I had goals and was on track. Then I had a week of health issues that forced me to sit out and then for some reason I got lazy and didn't run one week. Thankfully I did complete a ten mile distance run and it went really well so I knew I could still do a half marathon. I've also been going to crossfit and that is a big help in running.

Let's get to the race, shall we?

Three of my friends and I drove up to Lawrence, KS to run the Kansas Half marathon. We had pasta the night before, coffee, etc. Prior to races I normally have steak and potatoes but I opted for pasta, which I'll never do again. My body just does better with protein. However, my body usually does fine with whatever I eat so I'm not sure what happened.

On race day morning we found a parking spot and immediately I got diarrhea cramps! WHY? I was so annoyed. Why couldn't my body have done that 15 minutes ago at the hotel when I used the bathrooms? Anyways, I told my friends I had to immediately find the porter potties so off I went. They were no where to be found but someone finally pointed them out to me. I quickly walked over there and then saw the dreaded line of people. I had about 10 minutes until race time and the big D cramps so I knew I was in trouble. I finally finally finally made it to the porter potty and after using the toilet looked over to see that they had completely forgotten to put toilet paper in there. There wasn't even like the cardboard rolls because I would for sure have used those. What did I do? Well, I used my headband and threw that thing away. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. Judge me.

I made it to the starting line 1 minute before the race started! Hooray! I took off and started to feel pretty good running. I was running with the 2:05 pace group and then around mile three diarrhea cramps hit again. I was so annoyed. I figured they would go away so I kept running and even met up with my friend. Around mile 5ish I knew I needed a porter potty and asked the attendant where the nearest one was. She said she didn't know but would call someone. I was told it was 'right around the corner' and let me tell you, it wasn't. At mile 7 there finally was one but I couldn't go. Stupid body! I ran until mile 8 where there was another restroom but felt okay then mile 9 came and I thought I was gonna poop my pants. I was crouched on the side of the road and asked the attendant where the bathroom was? He said I could run back a mile and I looked at him and said there was no way I was running BACKWARDS in a race. FINALLY at mile 10 there was a porter potty and I was honestly just so relieved I made it in there and didn't poop my pants. Living in Asia and running distance races make for some interesting prayers. =) Miles 10 - 13 went great and I sadly finished with a 2:30ish time but I'm happy to say I didn't poop my pants.

I honestly can't believe my race recap is about poop but if you are a runner you know we all have a race like that at some point in our lives. Next year I'm going to for sure watch what I eat before a race and try to have a better plan.

Other than the stomach issues I really loved the Kansas Half. Lawrence is beautiful and they did such a great job running you through the city, the neighborhoods, the country and by the river. It was a good mix of flat roads and hills and I hope to run it again next fall with a happier stomach and a faster time.

If you are a runner have you ever had a near poop experience like this? Please do tell, I'd love to laugh at with you. 

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  1. First of all allow me to say congratulations for winning 9th half marathon. Wish you all the best in the one you are yet to perticipate this spring. Cheers!