Celebrating 32 Years

Yes, I do realize my birthday was in July .... but I haven't posted about it and wanted to.

Each year I seem to have three birthday celebrations: one with Dave's family (there are 3 birthdays in July so we all celebrate together), one with my family and one with my girlfriends.

Last year I asked a friend to come and take some pictures of us before we all went to dinner and this year I wanted to take some pictures again. However, I thought it would be fun to make flower crowns this year. I have no idea where this idea came from either but it was in my head so I made it happen.

If you are in the Wichita area Chisholm Creek Flower Farm has some amazing flowers! I drove up there and purchased a bucket of flowers which was way more than I needed, which just meant I had extra to give away and to put in a vase. To make the crowns I followed the tutorial in the Cut Flower Garden book. If you don't have that book you should buy it like yesterday. It's so good!

My friend Melissa took these photos and she did a lovely job! I highly recommend her for pictures if you are in the Wichita area. You can check out her website, Melissa Dinsmore Photography, to see more of her work.

It should also be noted that rompers and dresses aren't ideal for jumping pictures. However, they are the most hilarious ones! Sadly though, I can't post them on the world wide web because they are too revealing. =)

These pictures were taken with my camera but I did indeed make Speedy wear a flower crown too. She was definitely my favorite birthday gift this year. 

How do you celebrate your birthday? And have you ever made flower crowns?! 


Monument Rocks, Kansas

Monument Rocks, Kansas

Back in July, Dave and I went to Colorado to celebrate my birthday and on the way home we stopped at Monument Rocks. I had never been here before and it was a fun place to trek around. Monument Rocks is located south of I-70, near Oakley. It is a bit off the beaten track but is a really pretty drive of wide open spaces. 

Monument Rocks are listed as one of the eight wonders of Kansas. The rocks are layers of chalk and are 70 feet tall.  They are located near Oakley, Kansas on private property but the owners have opened their land to the public. Cattle also share the land so that was fun to see lots of cows roaming around.

The rock formations themselves are pretty neat and it is kind of fun that this is out in the middle of nowhere. It makes for a fun little trip when driving to / or from Colorado. 

If you have been to Monument Rocks what did you think? Do you take little side trips when you are traveling? 


Things I'm Loving & Things I'm Not Loving

Today I thought I'd do a little roundup of some of the things I'm loving lately and things I'm not loving!


-These H&M t-shirts!

My friend and I found them in Kansas City and I purchased two. Then, I found them again in Seattle and purchased two more followed by two more in Idaho....I clearly have issues. However, they are long and comfortable and can be worn with jeans, leggings or dressed up and they are such a good deal.

-Old Navy Jegging Jeans

And if you think I had issues with the shirts you'll probably clearly think I have issues with jeggings that have an elastic waist band. But seriously! So so comfortable and they don't show your butt crack when you bendover, no muffin top and they don't require a belt. I own three pair and I'm not one bit sorry!

-Heeler Haven Facebook page

I wrote a little bit about this Facebook page when I shared how I got our puppy but I find this dog page so fascinating. It's all about blue heelers so it is really interesting to see what everyone shares about this breed. For the most part it is drama free unless people have a random WWIII FB fights over whether or not you should let your dog out during the eclipse..... *insert emoji eye roll here. Other than the occassional drama it really is a good support group to ask questions and learn. And then we have somewhere to post about our dogs instead of our normal FB page where it might annoy everyone.


Romper, the name itself is odd. I'll admit, when these first came out I thought they were the most hideous outfits of all time, and then a couple of years later I purchased one and I went to the dark side and now love them. I got a black romper with sleeves at Gap and it's so comfy! You can see it right here.

-Flowers from my garden

The picture below is my favorite bouquet from my garden! It's basil and zinnias and is so cheery. If you are wanting flowers for your garden I highly recommend planting basil and zinnias as both are so incredibly easy to grow and they hold up well in a vase. 



Seriously! Are you all trying to make us vomit? Who invented it? I'm just going to call it 'barferang'. I'm pretty sure Amanda and Michelle would protest this with me, right? All the shaky and weirdness from those 3-5 second clips is nauseating. And if you don't know what Boomerang is count yourself lucky. 


Ew! I'm guessing the same person who invented Boomerang also invented pumpkin spice lattes. The name of it, the smell and everything about it is wrong. Why would you do that to coffee? And yes, I guess I will still be your friend if you like everything PSL (just don't bring it to my house, okay? ;) ). 

-Christmas Decor

Why oh why are the stores already selling Thanksgiving and Christmas decor? It is technically still summer! I feel like they rush the seasons. I do love Thanksgiving and Christmas but I want to savor each season thoroughly. How do you feel about all of this? 

Now it's your turn! What is something you love and something you don't love?!