Monday, August 22, 2016

A Little Update

Hi! Hi!

I'm just popping in to say hi and do a little update on what's been going on over here.

Dave has been working some intense work hours these past few months but this month, his schedule had a gap in it, so we headed to Colorado to do some camping and hiking. I went 5 days without showering. FIVE! All I have to say are two words: dry shampoo!

It was one of the most relaxed trips we have had together. Our trip down the west coast this past year was scenic but I was very stressed out coming back from Asia and not having a home to come home to. I'm super thankful for a home. It's so nice to see new sights but to be able to come home when we are done traveling.

I plan on sharing some more about our trip soon. I want to put a video together (thanks to Amanda for the inspiration) and our budget for this trip as well as share some pictures and places we stayed. 

This past month I interviewed for a different job. It was a great job as an Office Manager but it required 40-50 hours a week + some weekends, and that just isn't for me right now. I am staying at the Y and they are giving me some more office responsibilities like scheduling and helping coordinate the swim lesson program. It was stressful not knowing which direction I was supposed to go but I finally got on my knees and asked God for direction. That same afternoon the job I interviewed for called and told me it wouldn't work since I couldn't do full time. I was so thankful for an answer and I know God wants me at the Y. Something that I thought about over and over was that the Y is a place where I can interact with people more and will have more opportunities to minister to families and show them Christ's love. I'm thankful God opens and closes doors.

Is anyone else a bit sad the Olympics are over? I loved loved loved watching them. I wish you could see the disgusted look on my face right now as I type out the word - football. Come soon February. Can we just have Olympics from August - February instead of lameball?

Today the pool in our area had a fund rasier for the Kansas Humane Society. You could pay $10 and your dog could swim and swim. Static loves to swim so I took her. She enjoyed every aspect of it, except all the other dogs around. She acted like they were dead to her. It was funny.

Lastly, Dave and I went to Denver Botanical Gardens and there aren't enough heart eye emojis for the flower love. Seriously! Flowers, everywhere. It was great. So I leave you with a flower picture, unedited. God makes beautiful things.

How have you been?

Are you excited about fall? I am!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Home Tour - The Master Bedroom & Bath

I'm back to show you some more of our house and today I'm here to show you our master bedroom and bath. The master area is fun because it is the only area upstairs and it's our own little getaway space.

When we moved in I immediately told Dave I was going to paint the walls a light gray or white and thankfully he talked me out of creating a big project for myself. I left it the way we purchased it and I think it looks fine now.

Our bed and floating night stands were something I had when I was single so we just kept it. I saw a bed set similar on I think, Crate & Barrel and it was sooooo incredibly expensive. I have a friend in town that makes furniture so he made the whole set for me for a much better price. We decided to just keep this instead of paying for a bunch of new furniture.

This sits on my floating nightstand and was made for me by my sister-in-law. It is a ring holder made from various pieces of jewelry that my mother-in-law had. It is a treasure and one of the most thoughtful gifts I have received. 

This pillow has a story too. My mother-in-law had been to Burma many times and ended up leaving a suitcase full of clothes and medical supplies. I took some of her clothes and had a local seamstress sew me pillow covers. The pink heart is from a shirt that Carol owned and the khaki map of Myanmar is from a pair of pants she had. The other cloth is local Myanmar. I had a total of 4 pillows made. One went to my friend, Pam, in Burma and the other two went to my sister-in-laws. 

That dresser on the right...I wish I had a before picture. My friend gave me an old dresser and I just used some paint that the sellers had left to give it a facelift. And that is how we own a dresser.

And now lets talk about the main piece of decor in this room and that would be my curtains! When we lived in Woodwad Dave wanted black out curtains and I wanted Chevron so I went to Etsy and started searching. I came across a shop called Sew Panache that had so many patterns to choose from and you could add black out lining as well. I ordered a panel in Woodward and they worked great.

Our master bedroom has 5 large windows and Dave has to sleep during the day sometimes due to work so we needed another set of curtains. I contacted Jan from Sew Panache and she was able to get me another set of curtains for our room. The curtains I needed were super long and she did a really good job of connecting pieces of fabric without breaking the pattern. If you need curtains I highly highly recommend purchasing from her.

I also think they are affordable. I priced matched them with ones at Bed Bath & Beyond and these custom ones were a more affordable option. I view curtains as an invest them because I plan on having them for a long time. So pretty much you should get curtains from Jan!

Here is a shot during the middle of the day with the windows closed. They do a pretty good job!

Do you see that vent between the mirror and fan? That is the only vent in our room. It can get toasty up there during the hot summer months so the curtains pretty much stay shut.

Here is our super fun master bath. I'm not a bath person so I'm glad we just have a shower.

Do you see the door to the right of the shower? That is a little door that goes to the attic. I've never been in there because ... spiders!

Now I'll tell you the horrible part about this bathroom. The attic and this bathroom are not insulated and there is no AC vent in here. So, in the summer months that bathroom is literally 120 degrees. It's a sauna in there. Step into the shower and you might as well bake cookies. It's so hot! We shower downstairs unless it is early morning. Eventually we will get it all insulated but you know, we gotta finish the sewer fix first.

When we moved in the guy who flipped it hadn't removed his show furniture and he left these shelves, which we obviously use a lot.

Here are some other posts of our house tour. You can click on the picture or the words underneath

 The Living Room
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I still plan to show my kitchen to you all and my porch, it's super fun and cute! Do you all like these home tours?

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