What it's Like Being Married to Someone in the Medical Field

When I was younger I thought being a doctor meant that you were born really smart, became a doctor and then became rich. I now laugh at my younger self. I had no idea. It's okay younger self, you know better now.

I also never in my life imagined that being married to someone in the medical field would require some life adjustments but it definitely has. There are pros and cons, just like any job, but it has definitely opened my eyes more to what goes into the medical field, and today I wanted to give you a peek into our life in that regard.

My husband is a physician assistant and works at the busiest ER in Kansas. Before that he worked at a prison, which honesty, helped prep him for this job. Dave said he has always wanted to work in the ER so I am glad he is getting to do what he wants. That's a blessing.

As you know, an emergency room is open 24 hours a day. What you might not think about is that when you go in at 2am, the nurses and physicians that see you, they are away from their family to take care of yours. Physicians, and their families, give a lot of their time to take care of other people. I think the time constraints / schedule is one of the hardest parts of Dave's job. He has an absolutely crazy schedule with no pattern. Some of his shifts are from 5pm-3am, 7am-5pm, 1pm - 1am, 6am - 3pm and the days completely vary.

Dave's crazy schedule has taught me to be flexible and understanding. Sometimes he misses family events due to work, eating dinner together every day isn't a thing and I've learned to just do things alone. I'm not complaining when I say that either because I am okay with it I'm just writing to share how it is. I honestly am content and comfortable doing things alone. Sometimes I work on things around the house, sometimes I turn up praise and worship music and spend time in prayer, sometimes I spend time with family and friends and sometimes I'm just lazy and don't do much. It varies but I've learned to just be okay with the time I have and overall I'm thankful for it.

I think the biggest adjustment for me was learning to sleep at night alone. I've told you about the gunfire I heard shortly after we moved in and that took me months to finally sleep normal again. We finally got an alarm system (shoutout to Simplisafe) and I have a firearm as well. And I will admit, I sleep better at night since we got those things. I do know ultimate safety is of The Lord but having an alarm system and a gun is of The Lord too.

On the flip side Dave's weird schedule has some really awesome things about it. Sometimes he gets a random week off, unasked for, and we get to travel. Sometimes he has two or three days off in a row and we get to spend our days together, and that's so nice! His job also has opened the door for me to do photography as a business. I decided early on, that with his schedule, working a 9-5 job would really never allow us to see each other, so working from home has been a big blessing. Now, if he gets a few days off I can clear my schedule to spend time with him. It's a huge pro to his job and I think it's really fun to get random days off.

Something Dave doesn't really talk about at home is his job in general. He says when he leaves work he doesn't want to come home and re-live it by talking about it. =) But sometimes he says a few things here and there and I know working at an ER is taxing job. You don't just see physical emergencies in there. You see people with emotional trauma, family problems, homelessness, and so much more. I think people who work in the ER (and in the medical field in general) have a gift. It isn't always an easy task but I'm thankful God equips people to work those jobs. And medicine is clearly on his mind because a couple of weeks ago I was asleep and woke up to Dave trying to do chest compressions on me. He said I was snoring and apparently when he gets woken up out of sleep chest compressions will silence the other person. ha ha!

And on a random note, being married to someone who works in the ER doesn't allow for me to have emergencies. When I think something is an emergency and expect Dave to panic with me he is alway so calm. I used to get mad at him for not being overly concerned and panicky with me (hello drama!) but then I realized that he sees so many emergencies and has learned to remain calm in every situation. We are a good balance for each other.

Do you have family in the medical field? Do you work in the medical field? If you have any other questions about this please let us know. And, what is your work schedule like? Do you get to be home in the evenings? Do you work weekends?


A look back on 2017

I'm sure if you are like me you can hardly believe 2017 is over. And now, we are already half way through January. It always go by so quickly. But I'm thankful for the year God gave us: 2017 was a good year for us.

Dave has continued to work at the ER this past year and he is a really good worker. He's consistent, calm and does a good job. (And I heard his co-workers tell him that so I for sure know it is true and not just me thinking it.) =) I worked at the Y for most of the year while doing photography as well. I finally took the plunge and quit the Y and am pursing photography more and also babysitting two days a week. I'm so glad God put baby Jonathan in my life to babysit. Not only is he a great baby but God knows I need some structure so those two days a week have really been helpful for me.

I've also attended Bible study with the women at my church and it's a blessing to dig into God's Word with them and share prayer requests. I'm really thankful for the local body of Christ. I've also been attending Bible School called Faith Bible Institute (FBI). We watch via video but we get taught Old Testament, New Testament and Doctrine. It is honestly some of the best teaching I have ever heard. It's so practical and rich. The classes are worldwide and if you are interested in going you can click here to see where they are offered. They go through the entire Bible in three years and if you finish all three years you get a Bible degree, which is on my life bucket list.

Here is a look from month to month what we did.

-The month I went with my parents to get their puppy, Rawhide. He's been a fun little guy and is very ornery.
-I started training for a half marathon. That was a big deal since this was my first big race since moving to Burma in 2014.
-I started my business this month. I purchased a logo, set up a website and started navigating how the heck to run a business.

-I hosted my annual girls Valentine party. It was a lot of fun and I hope to do something again this year.
-We went to Albuquerque for a missions conference where we got to see our dear missionary friends from Thailand as well as so many other people we love in Albuquerque. My Dad grew up in Albuquerque and we went there a lot growing up so it has been really neat to go back several times this year.

-I went back to Albuquerque, with my good friend Shenel, to pick up a swing that my Dad's Pastor and his wife gifted me. It was handmade by him and it now hangs on my porch. It's a true treasure. It was also really fun to show my friend around that city as she had not been there before.
-Dave and I celebrated our 4th anniversary. I don't know how that is possible but it is. Time is flying!
-We traveled from Kansas all the way down to the Everglades. We went through a lot of states but the important stops were Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Biloxi, Mobile, Pensacola and a lot of other towns in Florida. It was one of my favorite trips we have ever taken. I spent a lot of mornings watching the sunrise in Pensacola and we got to see a lot of really beautiful places and spend good quality time together.

*Side note - I'm so bad about blogging about our travels. BUT we pack so much into our travels I don't even know where to begin blogging about them. I'll have to work on that sometime.

-We got a new nephew! His name is Joshua and he is super cute and we love him lots.
-I  ran a half marathon. You can read the recap here. I finished in 2 hours and 13 minutes (and hope to beat that time by a lot this year). That was my 8th half marathon and after living abroad in Burma and resettling to life in Kansas this race was a big deal for me mentally. I'm so thankful God let me run that half.
-Speedy was born (even though I knew nothing about her in April, but God did).

This was Speedy the day she was born. Let's not pretend she was cute. She was ugly....

-I got to go to Seattle to visit my family. This trip was extra special because I hadn't got to see my brother since he deployed in January of 2016. My favorite things from the trip were: spending time with family, the tulips at Pike's Market and taking family photos. My family is moving from Whidbey Island and I sure will miss visiting that area. Also, all the besitos from my niece please!

-I went to Albuquerque again. My Dad's Pastor and his wife were moving away so there was a special service to honor them for all the years they served God there.
-I did BOGA water fitness. If you have this near you, DO IT! It was so fun and hilarious.
-Honestly, I can't talk  or write about June without tears. Losing Static was so incredibly sad. She was such a good friend and I'm glad God gave her to our family for the years He did. She was a good friend during some hard times in our family.
-Alisha and I went blueberry picking. I do this once a year. It's about a 1 1/2 hour drive and then we pick for an hour and drive back. It's a lot of driving but the scenery is so beautiful and peaceful. Plus those blueberries are amazing and are totally worth it. I still have some in my freezer as I type this.
-Dave and I went to Emporia to tour some Teachers Hall of Fame (Also known as Teachers hall of Lame -- a really horrible museum). We toured a really neat house but I can't remember the name because that is what happens with me and history. But the guy ran the newspaper way back in the day and he had Presidents to his house. So, that's that.

-We started out the month by getting Speedy. Getting her was the best present I got all year. She's a good little friend.
-4th of July celebrations with Dave's side of the family is always lots of fun.
-Dave and I went to Colorado. We stayed in Denver for a few days, visited the Botanical Gardens, climbed a huge mountain and I saw the most beautiful rainbow I've ever seen. Dave would also probably like to note that I cried when I got to the top of that mountain. It was a funny sight but climbing the tallest mountain in Colorado was no easy feat but I did it!

-I started babysitting sweet baby Jonathan. He comes to my house on Wednesday and Thursdays and has been such a fun little guy.
-South Korea reunion! Many of the friends I had met in South Korea all came to my house for a get together. It was a blessing to spend time with them fellowshipping.
-Idaho & Washington state trip. I flew up to Idaho to see my sister and her family then we all drove over to Lake Chelan and met my brother and his family. I got to take family pictures for all of them, we swam in the lake, cooked and spent time together. Family time is the best!

-Bike ICT. Our city closed a main street down and people rode their bikes. There were vendors and food stops and it was really fun.
-I went to Woodward for a weekend to see my friends. I appreciate the community there.
-Speedy and I went to Lawrence to get our photos taken in a sunflower field.
-Dave and his friend Ryan traveled to somewhere ... I can't remember where, that's terrible. But I'm sure they had a great time. =) I asked Dave and they went to Minnesota.
-I quit the Y!!!

-Woofstock with the dogs.
-I went with family to see Alton Brown live. He was very entertaining.
-So many photo sessions this month! It was a lot of work and I really enjoyed it.
-Hosted a pumpkin party with the girls. We modge podged pumpkins and ate and swapped gifts.
-Dave's birthday celebrations where we all brought a burger and did a burger tasting contest. Dave's family has the most fun birthday parties.

-Ran a half marathon where I almost pooped my pants......read about it here.
-Went on a cruise with Dave; our first and last cruise. You can read all about that right here.
-Speedy helped me plant my fall garden. Then she dug up one of the garden beds and ate the bulbs. Let's not talk about it....

-I went to Kansas City with my Mom. We looked at Christmas lights and I bought furniture to turn our guest room into an office.
-Christmas! Last year Dave worked a lot during Christmas and it was hard. This year, he had Christmas Eve off and Christmas Day and it was so wonderful.


A Recap of my Basic Pistol Class

I know guns are a hot topic of discussion but I will tell you upfront, I am very pro gun. However, I am also very much of the opinion that being a gun owner carries a big responsibility and it should never be taken lightly.

My Dad taught me from a young age about guns, in high school and even now, he has taken me to the range to practice and has taught me basic gun safety, which I'm so thankful for. So, thanks Dad! I know you are reading this. I always felt safe at home because my Dad had a way to defend our family should the worst ever happen.

But you know what? I don't live under my Dad's roof anymore. Dave and I have a home of our own. Dave and I moved into our home in Spring of 2016. A few weeks after we moved in Dave went out of town and guess what happened the first night he was gone? I heard gunfire. I tried to tell myself I was overthinking the noises I heard, but I knew. Then I heard them again. And it terrified me. I called 911 but I couldn't even move in my bed that's how scared I was. We now have an alarm system and a weapon to defend ourself should the worst ever happen. However, I had yet to take training to better educate myself on this topic.

Recently there have been robberies in our neighborhood. The same criminals, came to the same house, twice. The District Attorney (who should be fired and I won't vote for him ever again) didn't prosecute them even though they were caught with a car full of stolen goods and weapons. And guess who shot at the police a few weeks later? That same criminal.

Lastly, the bakery I go to with my friends and their kids, was robbed at gunpoint. And it's in a fancy 'safe' neighborhood. That was the tipping factor for me. I knew I had to get training and I wanted good, quality training. I told my Dad this and for Christmas he bought me a gift card to Range 54 to go to a class. And I'm so thankful he did!

He recommended the women's basic pistol class as it is pretty much a gun 101 class. They have many classes and you can see the entire list of classes offered here. They even have an unarmed defense class for women if you don't want to carry a gun. The basic pistol class was eight hours long. It was four hours on a Friday night where you are in a classroom and then four hours on Saturday morning in the range shooting. We had a woman instructor, Brooke, and she was incredibly kind and knowledgeable. Saturday morning we had an additional instructor, Tom, who had a lot of knowledge and was able to offer lots of helpful suggestions to improve our fundamentals.

Before I go into the class and what I thought of it I want to touch on four simple but universal gun safety laws. My Dad taught me these growing up but it was nice to have them reinforced in the class.

The class started out with those four rules and then we went into details about lots of other things. I will bullet point the things we went over and write a tiny bit but just know we went into detail into each of these and it was all very interesting. I don't want to share everything we learned because I want you to go take the class for yourself. =)

-Components of a gun - I didn't know about 90% of this. It's basically like anatomy 101 for your gun.

-Ammunition - Again, I had no idea about ammunition. I didn't know the difference between a bullet, the case and that a cartridge holds all those components together.

-Fundamentals of Shooting: Stance, grip, sight alignment, trigger control and follow through

-Malfunctions - What do when your gun doesn't shoot or doesn't shoot correctly

-Cleaning - How to clean your gun. We didn't have to go into details on this but the instructor said anytime we want our gun cleaned to go in and he will teach us how to do so.

That infomration took about 3 1/2 hours to go over. Then the next morning we went to the range and practiced. If the idea of shooting a gun sounds scary, that's okay. I told you I've been shooting since highschool and my heart still beats really fast every single time. But practice makes it better and they don't just put you in the range and tell you to aim and fire. They walk you in the range and tell you take 5 bullets put them in your magazine and set it down. Then after everyone does that they tell you to put the magazing in your gun and to chamber it (aka, get the bullet ready to fire) and set it back down. Then they tell you to pick up the gun, then they tell you to aim, then they say when you are ready fire one time at target one, take your finger off the trigger, set the gun down and step back. It sounds very slow, and it is, but it makes you work on technique, form and it isn't as scary this way.

They had different drills for us to do as well. One was where we would aim and the instructor would pull the trigger. That would allow you to see if you are flinching when firing which causes you to aim downward. Another drill was that they would put their finger over your finger on the trigger. You didn't pull the trigger but your instructor did. This gave you the correct feel for a slow, steady squeeze. It was all really interesting. We shot at two targets and I can definitely see an improvement in the second target round because I was hitting a lot more in the orange that time.

I highly recommend taking this class, especially if you are in the Wichita area. It was very informative and I feel much more educated from those eight hours. The instructors are knowledgeable, patient and answered our many questions. I plan to continue taking classes there as well as shooting more often in the range. I think the more you know and the more you practice the better. If you aren't in the Wichita area I highly recommend finding a school in your local area. Lastly, know the laws for where you live. If you own a gun you you are liable so be informed and educated.

Do you have any questions for me? Would you ever consider taking this class? Have you ever taken a class like this?