God's Beauty in the Southwestern USA

horseshoe bend
Dave and I just got back from 8 wonderful days in the Southwest USA and we had an incredible time. We got to see our missionary friends from Thailand, spend time with family there, visit the church that I was in as a missionary kid and sightsee many amazing places with Dave.

There have been a few places in life that have absolutely left me speechless and in complete awe of the amazing creation God has made and this trip had several places like that. I'm just amazed, that even after sin being in the world, God still lets us partake of His beautiful creation. I kept thinking that if God made all of this in seven days I can't even imagine what heaven will be like. And really, being with God will be more than enough but I imagine He has some pretty amazing things up there.

There is just something really special about seeing God's creation. His glory is ever present and I kept thinking that God made the earth and He said it was good. And oh, how good it is!

Dave and I drove from Kansas to Albuquerque, Arizona, Utah and then back through Colorado. We camped, we hiked and we saw lots of amazing things.

I am going to be doing a recap of what we saw in each state. If you have any questions about traveling in the SW please comment or email me.


1 Year of Speedy

I can hardly believe Speedy dog is a year old. She's been a lot of fun and although she is a year we have only had her for ten months. But what a fun ten months it has been!

I told Dave last night that one year ago we had no idea we would need a little Speedy dog in our life but God did. He knew we'd have to say bye to Static and He already had a dog ready for us. Also, you all know I love my dog but I want to clarify that although she is incredibly fun, and I love her, I do know she is a dog and not a human. The Bible doesn't talk about dogs going to heaven or having an eternal soul. God does talk about how He created animals for us to enjoy and He said His creation is good. So I thank God for giving us Speedy J the dog. She's been a fun little pal this past year. 

This was her the day she was born. I don't think she was too cute then but I think she is now. =)


A Photography Project - From Bulb to Flower

Someone suggested once I should do a photography project of photographing my garden every day until it blooms. I didn't capture it every day but I did take lots of photos from bulb to flower.

There's something really fun about planting those bulbs in the fall. You know winter is coming but you also know those bulbs will be deep in the ground getting a good freeze in order to produce beautiful spring blooms for your garden. I love going in the garden in winter and seeing pokes of green coming up from the garden. I love seeing things grow and I really love when the flowers blooms. A garden is therapeutic.

I also feel like there are so man spiritual lessons about my walk with God I can learn from gardening. The ugly bulbs we plant have so much potential. I think that is how people are sometimes. We see them as 'ugly bulbs' but God sees potential. Apart from Christ we were all those ugly bulbs.

I'm reminded that cold hard seasons are needed in order for beauty to grow.

I'm reminded that God is an amazing Creator. The way He set up nature amazes me.

I'm reminded, that just like a flower, our lives are so short.

But most of all I'm reminded that God delights in me and He delights in His creation.

Here ae some photos from bulb to flower. Hope you enjoy.

Do you have a garden? If so, what do you grow in it? What's your favorite Spring flower?