Do The Hard Things

If you follow me on Instagram you will know that in my stories I keep posting about doing the hard things in life. My friend gave me a bracelet a year ago and on it says "do the hard things" and I've been wearing it and really thinking about what it means in life.

Here are two main areas that I have applied it to in my life (and want to keep applying) and hopefully it will encourage you too to keep going even when you don't want to.

Fitness - I love fitness! I run, swim, do crossfit and try to stay active. However, that does not come naturally for me. It's a choice I have to make every single time I workout.  Even today, the last thing I wanted to do was workout but I knew I'd be glad once I went. And I did and I feel so much better.

This past February, Crossfit hosted what they call the 'Open'. Basically, anyone worldwide can sign up to be in it. They release one workout a week and you compete worldwide. There are two variations to the workout but that's it. You couldn't scale everything down to make it easy. And you know what? That was the best thing for me! One of the workouts had pull-ups in it and I think my goal was to get 4-5 and I got TWENTY FOUR! I was shocked. And you know what? It made me realize I am stronger than I give myself credit for and that I can really push myself.

So many times when I feel burned out or just want to be lazy and do nothing I tell my self to 'do the hard things' and push through.

Bible Reading & Prayer - Do you realize how many distractions there are in life to take away from reading the Bible and praying? A million! I almost feel bad writing this because reading my Bible and praying shouldn't be a hard thing but disciplining myself to do it is a hard thing. They always say if the Devil can't make you sin he will make you busy. And boy, is that the truth. I'm still not where I want to be with this but I often think that if I can spend time on fitness I can spend the same time reading my Bible and praying.

I think our spiritual life is a lot like fitness in the fact that you don't always feel like doing the right thing but once you do, the payoff is worth it. Time with Jesus is the best way we can spend our time.

I don't know what the hard thing in life for you is right now. Maybe it's chasing your toddler, potty training, work, working at your marriage or just doing the daily life things. But whatever it is, I challenge you to dig in and do the hard thing. It will be worth it.


A Coffee Date - Life Lately

Hi friends! 

I thought I’d pop in here for a little life update. A coffee date of sorts. I love sitting with people hearing about life. It’s one of my favorite things. 

How has life been for you? What did you do over the holiday weekend? 

Life lately has been so rich and so good and I can agree with the Psalmist that ‘my cup overflows’. God’s goodness in our lives lately has been so evident and I’m thankful for God’s work. I also know not everyone in life is in a good season right now and if you are going through trials my heart feels for you. I also hope you know that Jesus is with you in the ups and downs of lives. 

If we were at a coffee shop I'd suggest for you to order a breve. It's a latte but instead of milk it's made with 1/2 & 1/2 and it's soooo good!

Here are a few things going on lately:

First off, I got a root canal. And I'm so thankful! I know. How can that possibly a highlight, right? But I feel like I have had dental issues since Burma (that’s 2 1/2+ years). I got two crowns last year and they didn’t work. Boo! My dentist that I love doesn’t do root canals but God put a dentist in my path and he was able to root canal my tooth. 

Oddly enough I’m not scared of dental work, which is good because it took 2 hours and apparently my root was curved. I won’t go into details (because I know some people are scared of dental work) but it’s done and I’m so glad. My mouth was tender for a while but it has slowly gotten better and I’m praying this root canal will be a permanent fix for that tooth. 

I also thought that I’ve had minor health issues this year. I had  a rash head to toe early in the year and now dental issues. I think the biggest thing I’ve learned is to pray that your heart will be fully in the trial so you can have God teach you what He wants too. It has also made me want to pray for people with skin issues, auto immune issues and for so many people in this world who don’t have dental care. I feel for them and God does too. 

I also feel like Dave and I have had some really neat opportunities to do things for missionaries and you know we loooove that!

Back in February our missionary friends from Thailand came to New Mexico and we went to meet them. We got to take the younger couple (Reu and Sheryl) around for sightseeing and we also spent some really good time with the older couple too (Charlie & Lourdes). I just love those missionaries. They witness wherever they go and the fellowship with them is so fun and so sweet. When we said goodbye in Albuquerque we stood in a circle in a parking lot and prayed. I cried. I never like goodbyes and saying bye to people you love who you don’t know when you will see again hurts my heart. 

While we were in Albuquerque Pam (from Burma) messaged us and said she was thinking about surprising her parents for their 50th wedding anniversary and asked us to help her with the surprise. we gladly agreed and this past week she flew in. Rob and Sharon (Pam’s parents) own a real life buffalo and so I called them and told them I was writing an article on my blog about the hidden things of Kansas in Wichita, which isn’t a lie because here is my blog post ;) While we were taking their picture Rob kept asking, “Is everyone in the picture?’ and I said, “YES!” and then Pam came out from behind the trees and gave them the surprise of their lives. It was so fun!

This would be a blog post in and of itself so I’ll keep it short but God let my path cross with a missionary couple FROM BRAZIL who is here to deliver their baby. When we met they had no idea I was born in Brazil so it was really fun to chat all things Brazil. I won’t go into details (because they aren't mine to share) but this is a rainbow baby for them so getting to take their maternity photos and fresh 48 session was an extra blessing.  

If you know me you will know that one of my biggest passions in life, that God has put in my heart, is to be a blessing to missionaries. And honestly, it is so neat to just see God write this story in my life. I don’t seek out these opportunities but God brings them about and I just love being a part of His work. 

If we were together I’d tell you that Kansas is getting really warm. I'd show you pictures of my garden and tell you that I planned to plant less this year but planted more. I have 6 tomato plants but only 4 basil plants (compared to 8 last year). I’d show yo pictures of the nest filled with baby finch birds that were in my hanging pot on my porch. It was so fun to see the eggs, the babies and then today, they flew away. I’d also mention that one fell out of the nest, died and then was eaten by my dog…poor bird.  

Photography has been fun too. I got to shoot a second wedding and I get to shoot two more this June. I’ve decided being a second shooter is a really good deal because you get to take fun photos (like of the flowers and cake) but you don’t have to edit them. Also, it’s really fun and good practice.   

Alright friends, I’ve chatted enough but I really would love to hear more about your life. What is the weather like where you are? Do you have a garden? If so, what did you plant? What are you most looking forward to this summer?

Thanks for reading along and for joining me to hear about my life lately. 


God's Beauty in the Southwestern USA

horseshoe bend
Dave and I just got back from 8 wonderful days in the Southwest USA and we had an incredible time. We got to see our missionary friends from Thailand, spend time with family there, visit the church that I was in as a missionary kid and sightsee many amazing places with Dave.

There have been a few places in life that have absolutely left me speechless and in complete awe of the amazing creation God has made and this trip had several places like that. I'm just amazed, that even after sin being in the world, God still lets us partake of His beautiful creation. I kept thinking that if God made all of this in seven days I can't even imagine what heaven will be like. And really, being with God will be more than enough but I imagine He has some pretty amazing things up there.

There is just something really special about seeing God's creation. His glory is ever present and I kept thinking that God made the earth and He said it was good. And oh, how good it is!

Dave and I drove from Kansas to Albuquerque, Arizona, Utah and then back through Colorado. We camped, we hiked and we saw lots of amazing things.

I am going to be doing a recap of what we saw in each state. If you have any questions about traveling in the SW please comment or email me.