Life Lately #33 - We have a home!!!

Hi! I haven't done a little update on here in a while so I figured it was time to fill you all in on what is going on with our lives. 

First thing first - we are home owners! Hooooray!!!

God has been so good to us and He has gone before us each step of the way. Something I have prayed over and over and have asked God for is that He would go before us each step of the way, and He did, and continues to do so. 

God is so good because after I have seen Him answer that prayer of going before us time and time again I read in my Bible last night John 10:4 - "And he putteth forth his own sheep, he goeth before them, and the sheep follow him: for they know his voice." I love that God put that verse in my Bible reading. 

We plan on moving in tomorrow and are so thankful for family and friends who will help us. 

Also, I had someone ask me where we are living and if you are wondering the same thing we are back in Wichita, KS. =) 

As far as Dave's job goes he is still waiting for paper work to go through. It is a little frustrating waiting on the state of Kansas to process paper work but there is not much we can do about it but keep waiting. 

Since we aren't working yet here are some things we have been doing with our free time:

Mountain Biking //  Okay, I know you can't really mountain bike in the flat land of Kansas but Wichita has a really fun biking trail. It goes through the trees and fields and is so pretty. It's around a 5 mile loop and definitely makes your legs burn. If you are in the area it is called Miller's Meadow. 

Cards // I'm trying to write more cards this year. Hopefully I'll be better about it once we have a place of our own but in the mean time I purchased these cute cards from Letter Me Loved. TJMaxx and The Dollar Tree also has some cute cards too!

Lavender Late // Okay, first I must tell you after visiting a lavender store in Whidbey Island I'm now hooked on all things lavender. I have a little necklace that has lavender EO and it is amazing. A couple of weeks ago some of my friends and I tried a new coffee shop, and although I was hesitant, the lavender latte was amazing. It was the perfect balance of lavender and coffee. 

Something lavender I do not like is lavender tea. I don't think I know how to make it properly. If anyone knows how to properly brew lavender tea please tell me because I tried and it was horrendous. 

Willow // This is Willow. She turned 4 this month so we took her out for hot chocolate. She loves loves loves Dave! Apparently everywhere she go she asks her Mom if Dave will be there because she wants to give him a hug. So cute! She also has kept asking me, "Do you have a house yet?" and when I would tell her not yet she would reply with "Well, we need to pray about this!" 

Static // Dave continues on with the balance series. ha ha! Static doesn't love our new home (yet)! She isn't a fan of wood floors and wood stairs terrify her. She goes up fine but coming down she needs major guidance and then the last 3 stairs she tries to run and just slides and falls right down them. So sad! She does like to guard the house and since we have 23 windows she has plenty of things to keep an eye on. 

I have some fun things planned for the blog next month. I have a couple of really neat companies to feature that will include a giveaway and I plan to share a little more about some of our travels. AND I'll be sharing more about our house. =)

Do you like lavender? Have you gone mountain biking? What is going on in your life lately? Where do you buy cards from? 


  1. Congratulations! We just became home owners ourselves this February! It's such a wonderful feeling. Especially when you know God is going before you. Our new home has carpet though which our Jazzy (boxer) loves. She didn't like our previous wood floors. Everything about your post is wonderful. :) I don't mountain bike but I do trail run. Have a beautiful weekend. :)

  2. Congrats on the house! It is so pretty - you have to do an inside tour! I am lame and typically buy generic cards from Walmart. Sometimes Target if I'm feeling super fancy. Ha!

  3. i love lavender!!! :)
    AND that is such a cute house!!! ahh i love it! i hope you enjoy settling in! :)

  4. So so so awesome about your house. It's so cute. Happy moving in weekend.

    I love that you love snail mail. Seriously, I love it! Speaking of... email me your new address :)

  5. Congratulations on your new home! The outside looks gorgeous! I have been loving the lavender cent lately! I have a lavender hand cream that I can't get enough of. I have had it in a latte but the balance wasn't right, the lavender was too strong OH well, I'll have to try it again:)

    Happy moving I hope all goes well!

  6. OMG! Congrats!! Your house is so cute!! I love it! So excited for you guys. Xoxo

  7. Your house is so beautiful!! Congratulations, sweet girl!

  8. Yay! So glad you found a house! It's so cute - can't wait to see more. Thank you for sharing our cards!

  9. Your house looks amazing! I love how it has a little porch area, perfect for sitting on and watching (I mean, getting to know) the neighbors. :)

  10. I have never tried lavender latte, but it sounds interesting! I'm excited for you guys and your new house :) That is a blessing, and I love how you always give God glory for those things in your life. Thanks for always pointing to him.