We are 2! A recap of what our Anniversary Looked like in Asia.

We are two! Last year when we turned one I told Dave over and over again "We are 1!" He thought I was nuts but it's okay because over and over again I have been telling him "We are 2!" 

Today I thought I'd share what our 2nd anniversary looked like in Asia. It was crazy and it was good. 

Our major fun event to celebrate our anniversary was by going to the Myanmar Embassy here in Bangkok to renew our visas. Fun, right?  

Here was our day: 

Alarms went off at 6:00am so we could leave by 6:30am. We got up at 6:30am and didn't leave until 7. 

I tried to get a good picture of us that morning but .... 

Take 1 - NOPE! I told Dave he had to move his hand off my stomach because people will think we are having a baby ... or something along those lines. Which we aren't, because I know some of you are wondering. 

Take 2 - Do you see our 'morning smiles' and we each have a small eye going on.

Take 3 - We are 2, with 2 weird small eyes still.

We left the house and our commute went like this taxi --> train --> tuk tuk (cried after this tuk tuk ride, it was so scary plus we majorly got ripped off) --> EMBASSY! We arrived at 9am which means it took 2 1/2 hours to get there.  

We put our paperwork in and paid extra money to get it expedited so we could get the visa the same day. 

Then we hopped on another tuk tuk (who did not drive scary nor did the driver over charge us) --> train --> transfer to another train --> walked. 

Here is Dave's commuting face! He loves crowds.

We then went to visit Zama, Pam and the kids. They were still in town and we had a box of goodies from America to deliver to them. 

They were so nice and took us to an Italian Restaurant called The Wine Connection. 

Pam recommended the spinach cannelloni and I'm so glad she did! It was so so good! And I got to eat cheese. 

Oh and we arrived to the restaurant right as the rain started. While we were eating this happened. So much rain! 

After lunch they then took us to a really fun mall called Terminal 21. It's a mall designed to feel like an airport and each floor is a different country. Take notes America because Thailand has you beat on cool malls.

Here is Rome

Poor Kyron! She got smashed. But isn't this bike fun? 

When in Rome try their cool bathrooms out. 

No toilet paper? No problems. The Roman bathrooms have you covered.

And, while you are sitting on the toilet they have this handy dandy poster on the back of the door explaining just how to use those buttons.

Here is a picture of the France terminal.

The movie theatre terminal

And San Francisco! 

After our visit to the mall we had to commute back to the Myanmar Embassy. We took a train and then took a motorcycle taxi. I've debated taking one of these and just could never bring myself to get on one, until this day.

The drivers weave through traffic and are super fast. They don't normally offer helmets either but ... they are fast and save you tons of time in traffic.

Dave took pictures while riding. I was holding on real tight. I'm sure my Dad is not loving this part of my blog post. Hi Dad!

We arrived and got our visas. The motorbike was a short ride and wasn't as scary as I thought.

Then we started commuting back home but made a stop for coffee, ice cream and we bought dinner to take back with us. By dinner I mean I purchased two large pastries from Au Bon Pain. ;)

We had a really different type of day but it was really fun and the important thing is that we are 2! God has blessed us with marriage and we are thankful He has given us two years and hopefully many more! 


  1. Happy 2nd anniversary!! That mall looks so, so seriously cool. I love malls in Asia in general, they tend to be pretty awesome, but that's cooler than any I've been to!

  2. Thanks!

    Asia malls are pretty spectacular. I would have never guessed that either. Thailand has some of the most creative malls I've ever seen. Korea however has malls with lots of stationary so I'll always remember Korea for that.

  3. Congrats on turning 2! A milestone for sure. And wow that mall sounds awesome!

  4. Happy anniversary! And that mall looks amazing!

  5. Sounds like a fun day! Happy belated anniversary!

  6. Y'all are the cutest! Happy anniversary! I always love seeing ALL of your pictures!

  7. what?! that mall is so cool! happy 2nd anniversary!!!! :)

  8. Thanks, Kiki! The mall really was fun! I'm sure we will be back at some point.

  9. Thanks, friend! I'm glad you liked the pictures. It was fun to share. I also put my camera on auto, snapped away and didn't edit any of them, and I loved it! I should do that more often.

  10. I know, right? It was a lot of fun! Thanks for the anniversary wishes.

  11. That mall looks so cool! I'd be much more likely to shop at the mall if each floor felt like a fun travel destination. While it might not be traditional it sounds like you had a wonderful 2nd anniversary!

  12. Woah, busy anniversary! But the food looks delicious and yay for exploring a new mall and getting your visas! Happy 2nd!

  13. It was really busy! We were super tired by the end of the day. Commuting that much makes me really tired. However, we did have a really fun day and I'm sure we will always remember it.

  14. The malls really are fun. The odd thing is that most people don't purchase clothe from them because you can purchase them on the streets or outlet malls for much cheaper. However, you can find a lot of foreigners, including myself, at stores like H&M.

  15. Oh, interesting! That kind of reminds me of going to the mall in middle school--mostly just going to hang out and spend time with friends...except the one in your pictures is much cooler than our local mall.

  16. Happy anniversary! How cool to celebrate in such a special place for you both! And what a cool mall!

  17. Oh my gosh this is crazy on so many levels- I got tired just reading your post! What a wild day! First of all, happy anniversary! That is so fun that you are 2! Yay for marriage and many years ahead! Next, that mall is SO cool! And a washlet is something I've never even heard of- crazy! And MAJOR props to you for riding a motorcycle taxi- I think that would have made me cry if you could even convince me to try one. Pastries for dinner is totally acceptable :) sounds like it was a crazy (read: hectic?) anniversary but I bet it's one you guys will never forget! :)

  18. Thanks, Rachel! It was fun to celebrate even though it was super different. And yes, Thailand has some really really neat malls.

  19. The only reason I know about a washlet is because they have them in Brazil too. My bathroom in Brazil had a toilet and then another toilet next to it. The 'other' toilet was just so you could sit there and spray your butt to wash it. It's weird thinking about it now but as a kid I thought it was hilarious. Asia takes their toilets to a new level though. The seats even have 'heaters' on them (weird) and it can spray the front and back (weirder). =)

    The motorcycle taxi really wasn't as scary as I thought it would be. We weren't too far from our destination and the traffic wasn't as bad. I don't know if I would want to take one across the city and if I did have to I would only do it if they gave me a helmet to wear.

  20. Oh my gosh it sprays the front and back and has heat?? Mind blown lol. I still think you're brave for doing the moto taxi despite it not being that far or crowded :)