Life Lately #25 : Let's Have Coffee and Chat a While


You know what I would love? To sit down with each of you over a cup of coffee and catch up on life. I'd love to hear about life back home, or life wherever home is for you, and I'd love to tell you about life for Dave and I right now. 

If were having coffee I'd order an iced cold caramel macchiato because it's been way too hot to enjoy a warm cup of java. I'm guessing you would order something warm because according to your Instagram and Facebook updates I'm seeing lots of snow! 

I'd start off by asking how life was going for you? I'd ask how your job is and if you are still enjoying it? Then I'd start asking the real questions - How is family? How is community going for you? 

I'd ask how your walk with God is and how I can pray for you? We'd probably both confess that we are thriving in some areas and struggling in certain areas but are sure that God is gracious and loving because He is, and we see it daily. 

Then we would probably take a break so I could order a few extra pastries because you know, I live in Asia and don't get them frequently. Then we would sit down again. 

First off, I'd warn you that I'm going to talk, a lot, because I feel that so much has happened and I want to share it with you. 

I'd start by telling you that we are enjoying the quietness in Thailand and that the community pool here is really nice. Oh! and there are flowers! Lots of them and I'd tell you that Uncle Charlie picks a flower from his garden for everyone each day. And I can't forget Wishbone - our little dog friend that we pet every time we go on a walk. 

I'd then tell you all about the important stuff! 

I'd tell you that our friends have welcomed us with open arms but more than that we are humbled to see their lives and to see what God is doing. We know that we are just a drop in the bucket compared to the 30 years of life giving service our friends have offered here but we are so thankful to be a drop in that bucket. 

I would tell you that through this house we have met people from The Philippines, Germany, Thailand, Myanmar, America and Pakistan but the common thread between all of us is Jesus and His salvation. I'd share about our Pakistan friends because they have been on my heart. See they are here because they are Christians and had to flee Pakistan for their lives. I'd ask you to pray for them because they are needing resources to renew their visas. You and I would be quiet for a minute and then we would remind each other that persecution is real and that people need our love, support and prayers. 

Of course you would get a run down of the prison visits we have been a part of. I'd start by telling you that the prison last week was 2 1/2 hours away and that the meetings are in large pavilions where there is no air conditioner. You would laugh when you heard about the sweat dripping down my legs due to being hot and nervous. 

I'd share that some of the men had tattoos from their necks to their toes but when you looked in their eyes you could see Christ changed them. 

Then you would hear all about my one on one visit with a man from Sweden who is an atheist. I'd tell you how he was kind but is having a hard time believing there is a God when bad things happen. I'd ask you to pray for him. 

Then I would tell you that we got to go back to the prison we visited in November and many of the same women are there. They are a blessing. We got to share a devotional and visit with them one on one. I would smile as I told you that we spoke Spanish to two women! Who would of thought I'd use my Spanish degree all the way over here in Thailand. And one of my favorite things is giving them a big hug at the end!

Oh and did I mention that 9 people over the last few prison visits have accepted Christ? Nine! Let that sink in. Nine people whom the angels sang about in heaven. Nine people who got their name written in The Book of Life. Nine people who are forever changed because of Jesus. We would both be in awe at the power the cross will forever have. 

Then we would look at our watches and say "How in the world did three hours and nine pastries go so quickly?" 

We'd give each other a big hug, I'd probably grab a to go pastry, and then we'd say goodbye. I'd go back to the blazing heat and you would go back to the pretty snow! And of course we would promise to meet up again soon.

How has life been for you lately, friend? 
Are you enjoying the snow or are you ready for spring?


  1. Aw, love this and your heart, Beka! Would love to grab an iced coffee with you and talk about real life things, and praise the Lord for all He's doing! It's amazing the people you've met overseas, and that you've gotten to speak Spanish! So cool.

    PS: Peru is big on breads and cakes, but not really any pastries :( I did find MUFFINS the other day which were delicious and perfectly sweetened. I'm still craving a cream cheese danish though, hah!

  2. 9 people? That is truly amazing Beka! What an impact on the kingdom you are having! How fun if we could have a coffee date in person one day?

  3. I so enjoyed reading this post! It was so personable and sweet! I love reading about all that you are doing! You are an inspiration girl! And I have to get that shirt!!!:)

  4. I absolutely loved getting to "catch up" with your life! You are doing an amazing work!

  5. This is cheesy, but I teared up as I read this. The work you are doing is so amazing and inspiring, and as I stress about how we're going to pay for Jordan to return to Nicaragua this summer, this is a reminder that NO earthly cost of money will compare to the lives that are changed when we go and tell. I really miss seeing you and chatting, and when you're back in the States, we need to make that happen!

  6. Thanks so much! I'm really thankful I have this blog to be able to share what God is doing over here.

    You do have good coffee in Peru, right?

    Brazil had a bread called a Paozinho. It was the best bread ever. I wonder if Peru has that too? I'm surprised they don't have more pastries there. I'm glad you found a muffin though! Does your apartment have an oven?

  7. 9 people! We were very excited and still are! It's neat to see how God works.

    We should have coffee in person when I get back. Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas are all pretty close to each other.

  8. Thanks, Rachel! I'm glad you enjoyed it and I'm glad I can share what God is doing over here.

    I hope you do get a shirt! I know they are cute but they are really good reminders of being strong in Christ. How many more days until you move? What can I pray for you regarding that?

  9. Thanks, Chelsea! I'm glad I can share.

  10. Friend, it isn't cheesy. You don't ever have to feel cheesy around me for tearing up. I've teared up plenty of times because of the work here or because of hearing someones story.

    I'll pray the finances will work out for Nicaragua. I agree that it is worth the money. It's worth it for the people there and it is worth it for Jordan and those who go to serve as well to. I know it is hard not to worry about finances and lots of other things (I'm guilty) but God will work out your finances and will help you figure all those details out.

    I miss seeing you too and YES we will have to get back together when I come back home! It will be fun!!

  11. You are the sweetest person!!! I am not sure when I'm moving yet. My start date at my new job is March 20! If you could say a little prayer that I find a good place to live that would've amazing! And that the hours at my new job work out so that I am able to coach figure skating more than just a couple of times a week. I will for sure keep you and Dave and your work in my prayers! What you are doing is amazing!

  12. I will pray for you to find a good place to live. We didn't have housing when we moved here but God took care of it and He was faithful so I'm sure He will do the same for you!

    Wahoo for being able to coach more! That is super exciting.

    Thanks a bunch for praying for us.

  13. Ahhh I love this! And right now I see in the comment below that I wasn't the only one tearing up as I read this! Persecution is so so so real and I think we forget about it so easily (myself included). I can't imagine what your Pakistani friends have seen and gone through in their lives and I will certainly be praying for him! I don't blame you for sweating from nerves and heat- I would be the same way. I love the image of a man covered in tattoos but still beaming the light of Jesus through his eyes... what a beautiful picture! And 9 people. Wow. That's all I can say! Loved loved loved reading this!

  14. I teared up too! Glad I'm not the only one!

  15. The Pakistan family here amazes me! Even this past Sunday she got up and said how she just wanted to praise The Lord. I think their faith has been a huge blessing and has had a big impact in my heart.

    I'm glad I can share all of this on the blog. It is neat for me to be able to see what God is doing here and then to convey it with people from all over through writing.

  16. Found your post from the Oak& Oats linkup. What an interesting post and now I can't wait to read more about you and your life. Your pictures are beautiful...thank you for sharing about your work.

  17. Hi Emelia!

    I'm so glad you stopped by from the linkup! Thanks for taking the time to read about the work God is doing over here. I'm really thankful I have this place where I have the opportunity to share about the ministries over here.

  18. I bet it has had an impact on your heart! Hearing stories like that impacts my heart greatly too as I realized just how blessed I am!

  19. Yes, the coffee here is amazing! We went to a tiny coffee stall in a market last year and they let us try the coffee beans before we bought them... and I got a huge frappuccino drink for $2!
    Huh, I googled the Paozinho and it looks good! Peru has tons of breads, so I'm not sure if some of the recipes are close to that kind of not. I know breads change based on region, so maybe a region closer to Brazil might have it? Our apartment does have an oven! In fact I just made muffins earlier today! :)

  20. Oh man! That coffee sounds so good! I've been to coffee shops all over the globe and the best coffee is right in South America. I don't know what they do to it, maybe it's because it is made with love, but it is soooo good!

    Breads really do change with the regions. If I remember correctly the paozinho is different because of the type of flour Brazilians use.

    I'm glad you have an oven! That is really neat. I'm pretty sure I am going to try making muffins in my toaster oven one of these days I just haven't mustered up the energy for that yet. =)