Kansas City, The Scout and The World's Largest Bat

I can hardly believe our trip to New England is over. It went by so so fast but we managed to pack in an incredible amount of fun stops along the way! I'm looking forward to sharing more about our trip with you all. I'm also going share some fun pictures to the Facebook page so be sure to hop over there to see more. 

We headed out for our road trip on Wednesday, September 24th. Our first major sight seeing location was Niagara Falls but we made a lot of fun stops on the way there which included seeing some of our family. 

Stop 1 – Topeka, KS!
Our Aunt JB & Gloria live in Topeka so we spent the night there with them. It's only about 2 1/2 hours from Wichita but I don't remember exactly because I so happened to nap about 90% of the way there. We ended up having a really fun cookout with family and also celebrated Gloria's birthday. 

Stop 2 – Kansas City, MO
Ok! So, see this building in the picture below? That used to be a Hyatt! I used to work for the Hyatt in Wichita and often me and my friends would book a room in KC and shop for the weekend.

I used to always see this ‘factory’ from the window of the Hyatt and thought nothing about it. Well, Dave was shocked when I told him I always just "sat and looked at this factory from the window." Apparently it is a really nice memorial for those who served in WWI. I’m glad we went to visit the memorial as I think it is good to remember those who sacrificed so much for our freedoms. 

World War 1 Memorial in Kansas City
World War 1 Memorial in Kansas City
World War I Memorial in Kansas City

You can also go to the top of the memorial and see a 360 view of KC. I thought it was odd when we purchased our ticket and the agent asked “Are you allergic to wasps?” Apparently the disclaimer is needed because wasps love the view of Kansas City too and hundreds of them made their home up there. 

Downtown Kansas City Missouri
Downtown Kansas City Missouri
See all the nasty wasps by Dave? ew! 
From the top of the memorial you could see Union Station and so we headed over there too for a few minutes. I was amazed at how beautiful it was inside! We also went to Union station in NYC and I thought the one in KC was much more beautiful and ornate. 

Union Station Kansas City
Union Station Kansas City, Missouri
Kansas City, Union Station, Missouri

Oh, and here is ‘The Scout’. Dave also gave me a complete run down of how important this scout is. Apparently this man scouted out KC. He surveyed the land and knew that us girls from Kansas would need shopping centers, fun restaurants and a fun hotel to stay at. Thanks, Mr. Scout! ;)

Stop 3 - St. Louis
We also stayed with family again here. Dave’s Uncle and Aunt housed us for the night and then we tried to go see the St. Louis arch but there was so much construction and traffic that we drove around for way too long, became frustrated and then left. Ha!


Stop 4 - Louisville, KY
Dave told me we were going to see the world’s largest bat. This past year in Woodward we have visited several caves so when he said “bat” I thought we were going to see some large stuffed dead bat. I thought that was weird but I just said “Ok, let’s go!”. Little did I know “bat” meant “baseball bat”. It was really cool!

Largest Bat in Louisville Kentucky
Largest Bat in Louisville, Kentucky

Louisville also had a ginormous David and so I made Dave pose by him for a picture. Ha!

Stop 6 - Cincinnati, OH
We stopped to see friends here. Our former neighbors from Woodward moved here so we stayed the night with them. It was fun to visit and catch up with them. We forgot to take a picture. Booo =(

Stop 7 - Columbus, OH
Dave got his history fix as we visited around the Capitol building and then we went to a pretty waterfall nearby. The stops were short but after being in the car for several hours it was nice to walk around for a bit.

Waterfall near Cincinnati Ohio

There is part 1 of our trip. Stay tuned because the next part of our trip will be Niagara Falls, which was one of my favorite stops!

I hope you have been enjoying the fall season. What has fall been like for you so far? Are the leaves changing where you are at? 


  1. When you said "World's Largest Bat" I just knew you had to be talking about the one at the Louisville Slugger Museum! I've seen it many times, we used to live an hour outside of Louisville (in ancient history).

  2. So fun! You got to see some great stuff, and it's only part 1! That's hilarious you thought you were going to see a huge stuffed bat. Ha! That bat is huge and awesome. Glad you had a good trip!

  3. I'm so glad you know what I'm talking about! I seriously had no clue. Also, you have lived so many places. Where else have you lived?

  4. I really had no clue about the bat but I also have no clue about sports either so maybe that was half of it.

  5. I was cracking up at the giant David. I guess I'm 5 years old at heart but I thought it was so funny that there was a giant naked David statue. I'd never design art that way but it sure was fun to see it.

  6. Thanks, Meredith. Road trips are fun. This was definitely the longest road trip I've taken as an adult. We had a good time.

  7. I love watching your photography skills grow Beka! These photos are beautiful! And bat…totally thought it was referring to an animal as well. ;)

  8. Loved all those pictures they were beautiful especially the last few with the leaves and the waterfall! That Memorial was beautiful too, glad Dave clued you in to what it was! Though I don't blame you for thinking it was some sort of factory- I probably would have thought that too. Also, Dave looks thrilled to be posing by that giant statue of David haha. I've been loving all the beautiful leave color changes too :-)