Missionary Mondays - Why Myanmar?

Welcome to week 3 of my August series called 'Missionary Mondays'! This week I'm sharing Why we are going to Myanmar and next week I'll be sharing prayer requests and I'll have a little video for you.

Missionary Mondays are weekly updates on how God is guiding Dave and I to Myanmar & Thailand. We hope these posts will help answer any questions but if you have any other questions please ask! We love questions.

This is a piece of land in Myanmar that the school is hoping to purchase

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Why Myanmar (Burma)?

I have been asked this question time and time again. I don't mind answering it, I just never realized I'd be asked 'why' so much. I can give an easy truthful answer or the long answer, which isn't so easy to share.

So here it goes....how God led us to Myanmar! It begins with a trip down memory lane. Dave and I both met in elementary school. We didn't like each other at all but that has nothing to do with this post. Anyways, the principal of the school has a daughter and her name is Pam. She taught both Dave and I.

Pam married a Burmese man and they now live in Myanmar. They have opened a school that serves lower-middle income Buddhist children. They are known for their high academics and well behaved students. They also have the opportunity to share Christ with them, which they do often.

Dave's Mom, Carol, visited Myanmar several times. She was a doctor and would set up medical clinics during her visits. Dave also has taken a trip over there to serve and provide short term medical care. Carol had a big dream to one day retire in Myanmar and run a medical clinic. In February of 2013 God called Carol to heaven. Therefore her dream of opening the clinic herself wasn't possible.

Dave and I knew we wanted to serve for a year in missions but we weren't sure of where. During our whole 'wondering where to go process', I got an e-mail from Pam saying that they were still hoping to open a medical clinic and that Dave and I would be a great help over there. I don't know how we finally decided on Myanmar but we had been praying, discussing the needs there and we thought it would be wonderful if we could open up the clinic that Carol had dreamed about for so long. We started planning and e-mailing Pam and now here we are getting ready to go over seas.

Establishing a clinic will be a big challenge as we are starting from ground zero. We have limited finances and facilities but we know with out a doubt that if God wants a clinic in Myanmar He will help us establish that. While we research information about the clinic Dave and I will still serve medically on short term trips within Myanmar and we will also serve at the school.

Dave and I have a small list of what we hope and are trusting God to do while we are there so I'm sharing that with you today:

-To grow spiritually in closeness with God and to have a great knowledge of Him
-To see our marriage grow
-To encourage believers and missionaries
-Lead the lost to Christ
-Meet medical needs
-Hep with education or in other areas as God sees fit
-To have fun (I added that one in but I think it's important)


I need some feedback: 

1. Are you enjoying these posts?
2. Do you want me to keep writing more Missionary Monday posts? 
3. Do you have any other questions for me? We are pretty much open books so ask away!


  1. I think "why?" is a question asked of a lot of missionaries--when the whole world is in so much need, how does anyone choose where to go? I do like seeing your reasons and goals for this venture.

  2. i love these updates! :) and i love that you added "to have fun" in there - because that's so important! God made laughter & joy and when Christians have fun they show a side of God's character that non-believers often don't see i think!

  3. Thanks, Robyn! I like the 'have fun' too. When I lived in Korea it was hard, it was stressful but amidst all that we had a ton of fun! Somewhere in Proverbs it says 'a merry heart doeth good like a medicine' so having fun is important! I completely agree with you.

  4. I do like these posts!!!! Keep Sharing. I don't have any questions, but I get weepy each time I read about what you guys are doing there! So pumped for your next adventure. God is going to hold you close my friend :)

  5. How awesome - it's so crazy that it goes all the way back to middle school where God started planting that seed (or even before that)! Love learning more about this journey the Lord is taking you on!

  6. I am enjoying these posts! It's good to get a full picture of what you're doing and how and why, etc. Keep 'em up!

  7. Love this! My husband and I are missionaries in Peru- and I love connecting with other missionaries around the world. Keep the posts coming!

  8. Thanks for taking the time and sharing with us what God has called you to, the why and the how we can support you through it. I, personally, love the missionary monday's but I also understand if it is just a series for a season and not a long term thing.... Just praying the missionary part continues all the days of your life even if the Missionary Monday wraps up. :-)

  9. I'm glad you are enjoying them. I have a few more in mind and I'm sure once I actually hit Asia I"ll have a bunch more =)

  10. oh how fun! How long have you been missionaries? What do you do there? I haven't been to Peru but I was born in Brazil so SA will always have a place in my heart.

  11. Thanks, Joy! I really do love sharing. I plan to continue to share as long as I have internet and electricity. It's a hit or miss in Burma.

  12. Oh that's fun! My son was born here so it's cool to think he will always have this part of him :)

    We have been here for 5 years. We live in community and focus on day to day discipleship with those around us. My husband leads our ministry school and we have students from both Lima and the jungle. I'm part of the worship team and focus mostly on hospitality. :) We love it!

  13. Dottie Austin TheriaultSeptember 24, 2014 at 12:15 PM

    Just playing catch up reading past posts. You are doing great work. Enjoying it all. Please continue as your time allows. Love & Prayers.

  14. I'm so glad you are catching up on it! Thanks for reading. You are a blessing and I'm so glad I got to meet you!