the thankful project day 7 : a job

I'm glad my husband has a job because if he has a job ... I get to be one of his trophies. Before you think I'm completely conceited, please read on.
I really am thankful Dave has a job and yes it is a running joke between us that I'm a 'trophy wife', although I don't spend all his money like the typical trophy wife. Let me explain a couple of things. 

Have you ever heard of the 5 Love Languages? It's a principal that says everyone receives and feels love a certain way. 
A couple of weeks before I left for Korea Dave told me his top two love languages were physical touch and quality time. I panicked a bit because, lets be real, physical touch and quality time aren't exactly things that happen when you are across the world from each other. During our time apart we went through distance, Dave's Mom being sick, as well as living our own lives apart from each other and that wasn't exactly easy. When I moved to Oklahoma Dave and I wanted our priority to be our marriage. Me getting a full time job would deter us from spending good quality time together. I didn't want to have to focus on a 'career' and then come home and focus on marriage. 

So, with that being said, I'm thankful God gave Dave a job where I can be at home a lot and focus on building our marriage. I don't see myself being at home a lot forever because I really do enjoy working. However, for now, I'm thankful for where we are at. 

Do you know what your love languages are? If you go to the 5 Love Languages Website you can take a test to see what your love languages are. The 5 love languages isn't just for those dating or married. It can help you love everyone in your life better : family, friends, kids, etc.  It is interesting and I know for me it really has helped me love people better. 


  1. Yes! I love this post. :)

    Not that I disagree with the 5 love languages, but our pastor did a sermon on them and it was really interesting. You can listen to it here. http://www.theseedwichita.com/blog/?p=647

    I definitely agree that having a job (and school for me) takes away time to have with your husband and takes away time to build your marriage. Cherish the season you are in right now! Love you! :)

  2. Have never heard of the 5 love languages...have bookmarked it and will read when I have time to absorb it. Thanks!! And how neat that you two decided together for you to not work out of the home to better your marriage. So neat!

  3. I love the love languages! I'm such a fan. My number one is gifts! For sure. Jordan's is words of affirmation.

  4. Oh girl, I laughed OUT LOUD when I saw that picture. So hilarious!! But I am thankful that you are able to stay home lots of the time and focus on marriage.

  5. Hilarious! I should take a photo like that too :)
    My husband and I took the love languages test a couple of months ago and it has been such a blessing. I know now that sending him loving text while he's at work praising him about something when he gets home makes him happy (he's words of affirmation), and since I'm acts of service, he knows that just doing the tiniest thing to help me around the house goes along way. It's amazing how we didn't realize that about each other before.