Beach Wedding – Part 1

First off let me tell you that there was 40%-60% chance of rain all week for my wedding. Saturday morning came and the rain.poured.down. You better believe I prayed all week for no rain! However, I’m thankful because the rain stopped and it was overcast for our wedding, which was perfect; it wasn’t too bright or too hot. 

Saturday morning began by getting everyone together for breakfast. We had lots of fruit, bagel head bagels, coffee and juice. Nom! Nom! Daniel also had a great time with the water balloons... =)
Dave’s family later surprised us with these awesome matching unicorn shirts. I still don’t 100% understand why, but Dave’s family loves to tease him about unicorns and babies and anything else they think is embarrassing. =) It's hard to see on the photo but the shirt has a unicorn with Dave and I photo shopped on top of it. It's a fun family joke although Dave will tell you 'that's lame'.
Breakfast came and went and us girls headed on over to the condo to get ready. I just love this picture; it says ‘girl time’ in so many ways. 
No one ever told me the great task getting a wedding dress on was. My sisters were scared that my makeuped face might smudge my dress, so Holly decided it would be best to suffocate me by putting a t-shirt over my face. She thought it was hilarious and I love her face of laughter in the pictures.
 All ready ... I went to meet Dave. He patiently waited for 20+ minutes for me to finally get down to the beach … This was kind of our ‘first look’. He had come to the condo earlier while we were getting ready. I don't think he realized all the girl things that simultaneously occurred. 
I decided that I wanted to go somewhere where it was just Dave and I to take pictures. Being around lots of people who would be watching made me nervous, besides check out these girls who leaned over the balcony for our first look ;) 
Dave and I first went to Ft. Pickens to take photos
And then we went to the beach

There is part 1! Stay tuned, I’ll be posting more about my wedding soon, including the ceremony, reception and some lessons I learned along the way.