6 Months of Baby J

How does one truly recap the first six months of becoming a parent? I have not a clue how to put it all into words but I will give it a go.

For starters, before giving birth, one of my biggest fears was that I wouldn't love my baby. Feel free to have a chuckle at that. My husband reassured me that would not be the case and he was definitely right. I knew I loved her before I met her but there is something truly miraculous that first time you hold your baby in your arms.

I can honestly say these past six months have been the most joyful wonderful months of my life. I know a lot of people struggle after postpartum with depression and anxiety and I am so thankful God spared me that. Yes, I did indeed have my crazy moments but overall I think I did well, which I count a really big blessing. 

Juliette is one happy and laid back baby. She loves people. She loves to smile at people and she is overall a really chill baby. 

Here are a few little lessons I learned along the way:

1. Becoming a parent is more special than anyone will ever be able to tell you. I heard a lot of negative talk about becoming a parent and it slightly terrified me. But I'm happy to say I just don't think that is true. When Juliette was born a new part of my heart was born too.

2. I've learned that I can live without sleep. Sure I feel coo coo and laugh at the dumbest things and cry at the oddest things but I can truly say God gives you the grace. Psalm 23:2 says he makes us lie down in green pastures, also known as God gives us rest. I've learned that if I get four hours that is the rest God knew I needed and if I get eight hours that is the rest I needed to.

3. Speaking of rest, Taking Cara Babies has saved my sleep and sanity. I bought all her classes that cover how to calm a newborn and prepare them to be good sleepers, and then when they are old enough, how to teach a baby to fall asleep and stay asleep independently. When Juliette hit the 3-4 month sleep regression I thought that there was no way my baby could be taught how to sleep but I followed these methods and they work. Juliette is a great sleeper and I'm so thankful for the blessing of sleep.

4. Juliette hasn't always been a great sleeper. During month 3 and 4 I learned that worship doesn't always happen in church when I'm singing a hymn but that it happens at 3am when I am bouncing my daughter on a bouncy ball in hopes that she will fall asleep just one more time. Worship happens when we are at the end and don't think we can keep going. That's when the true test of worship comes in. I can't say I passed that test with flying colors every time I was woken but I can tell you it changed me for the better.

5. I've learned that when little babies have their needs met I'm not just meeting their physical needs but their spiritual ones. When they learned that they can cry and you will hear and respond they will someday learn that they can cry to their Heavenly Father and He will hear and respond.

6. I've seen Dave become a Dad and it has been wonderful. Dave is so caring and compassionate towards Juliette. He helps out more than I could ever write on paper and keeps us all going. He folds laundry, vacuums a lot, and does whatever else around here that needs done. He loves to take Juliette for adventures and sometimes I think that is awesome and other times I'm slightly terrified. Juliette will grow up with a great Dad that loves Christ, and for that I'm so thankful.

7. I've been told by people, who mean very well, that I shouldn't lose myself. I'm not sure what that entails or really means but if anything, I feel like I have found myself. Becoming a Mom is everything my heart never knew it needed but I'm so glad God did. 

I'm so thankful for these past six months I just wish they would have gone a lot slower.


  1. AWWWW!! How precious. The months fly by like crazy fast. I can't believe how fast the first month has gone with this one, although I'll be honest, the brand-new newborn stage is not my favorite, mostly because I'm still recovering and feel sucky myself--the baby is the good part, but I can enjoy my baby better when I'm feeling better! ha!

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  3. Oh girl! YES! All this. I so agree! Happy 6 months! Love this!