Products I Loved During Pregnancy

While I sit and twiddle my thumbs waiting on Baby J to arrive I thought I'd do a roundup of some of my most favorite things I have used during pregnancy. All of these things I have found to be very helpful so if you are expecting perhaps you will find some of them helpful as well. Also, please do comment and share the things that helped you the most. I'm curious to see what other people found helpful during their pregnancy journey. 

Waiting in Wonder Devotional  |  My friend Elicia recommended this devotional to me and shortly after I found out I was pregnant I bought one. It has a weekly update on what is going on with your baby and then five devotionals each week. The content is so good! The author does a fantastic job of using pregnancy to help guide your heart and mind into a relationship with God. I highly recommend it! 

Senita Athletic Leggings | These leggings were my most favorite during pregnancy. A lot of people recommended Blanqi, and I did buy a pair, but Senita is way way better and also way more affordable. The leggings are supportive and also criss cross in the back offering extra support. I wore these all through the winter, to workout in and to travel in. I highly recommend them. 

Pharmedoc Pregnancy Pillow  |  I will admit before my bump got big I thought these pillows were ridiculous. Then for Christmas my sister gifted me one and as soon as I laid down in that thing I gladly ate my words and have slept in that big pillow 98% of my pregnancy. I call it "The Big C Pillow". It offers support everywhere a pregnant person needs it. It does take a up a huge portion of our bed but Dave is nice and accommodating.

Vitamin E Oil  |  I know people swear by lotions and oils but I bought a bottle of Vitamin E oil from Target and it has worked great for my skin. It is also very affordable. 

Leuchtturm Notebook  |  I love Leuchtturm notebooks! I looked and looked for a maternity journal that I loved and could not find one so I opted to just make my own. Leuchtturm has dotted journals and it has been fun to just do my own thing. I do occasional bumpdate photos and I print them wallet size to put in there. 

There is my little roundup friends! I hope it can be a help to some of you. And I hope baby J arrives soon. =)

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