A Fitness Update: Working Out While Pregnant

Oh hi blog world! I haven't sat down and written in so long on here but really got this urge to write so I am sitting here typing this out.

If you don't know by now Dave and I are expecting our first child (baby girl!) in June and we are super super excited. It is crazy how much your heart can change so quickly towards a little person you haven't even met yet.

Today I wanted to talk about fitness in pregnancy. I've talked about fitness several times on the blog and you can read last year's post here about how I talked about doing all the hard things. And truth be told, Dave and I knew we wanted to have a family and I figured one of the best things I could do to prepare myself was to be fit. And I gave it 110% last year. I did the crossfit open, I did pullups (hooooray and finally!), I PR'd my half marathon, PR'd my deadlift and a few other crossfit lifts. Basically I busted my butt knowing I probably couldn't push it that hard while pregnant and for some time thereafter. BUT....I'm still working out while pregnant and wanted to share a bit about that journey.

The first trimester was tough to workout during but once I finally did workout I felt so much better. I gagged a lot during workouts but thankfully never vomited and I somehow managed not to hurl barf everywhere when people at the gym had BO. =)

I'm learning that pregnancy will make you feel like the strongest most amazing person and it will also humble you and make you feel like you have nothing in you to do a workout with. I'm learning that little baby J inside me will definitely tell me when she is getting smashed during a workout and I'm okay with backing off or just doing something completely different. Before I get into my workouts do know that my doctor approves everything I am doing. She said since I did crossfit before being pregnant I should keep with it. She said the recovery will be so much better if I stay active. The only thing she told me not to do was to lay flat on my back and do abs after 20 weeks, which I gladly will not do that. So, with that being said here is a summary of what I've been doing while pregnant:

Yes, I am still doing crossfit (Shout out to Crossfit Wichita for being awesome). In my first trimester I somehow managed to PR my deadlift with a total weight of 215 pounds and it didn't feel that hard or I wouldn't have done it. I was doing pretty much everything like normal in my first trimester but I was just huffing and puffing and was so incredibly slow. Actually, that is how I really figured I was pregnant. One day at crossfit, the new people were beating me and when that workout was over I went straight to Walgreens and got a pregnancy test and when that positive sign showed up it all made sense.

Now that I am in my 2nd trimester I can't do all the things. I tried to do a pullup the other day and that was comical. I told my coach I could still climb a rope (which I think I could....) but he told me in a very nice way that wasn't a good idea and he had me do ring rows instead. And I'm thankful my coaches are smart enough to tell me no and give me other options. My coaches at the crossfit gym are very supportive of pregnant people and they always find ways for me to modify a workout. Sometimes I cut a workout in half or some days I will look and see what the workout is and decide that isn't the best thing to do while pregnant.

I will say crossfit has been a saving grace for me during pregnancy. It is something I can still do I just modify and listen to my body and the support network there is incredible.

I was 13ish weeks pregnant in this photo and after this crossfit workout I went home and took a 2 hour nap. Keeping it real over here... =)

I wish you could see me eye rolling right now. Running is barely happening on my end. Apparently baby J sits really low and running just feels so uncomfortable. I finally bought a Gabriella belly band and that helped so much. In fact, I took off sprinting on a treadmill with it because I was so happy it finally didn't hurt to run. But don't worry, the sprinting didn't last long at all.

When I run I will jog about .10 of a mile and walk some followed by a .10 jog. That's just where I am at now and it's okay. I've done a lot of walking and that has a lot of health benefits too. I will admit it is hard and weird to not be able to just decide to go hop on a treadmill or go out for a run. I can't do that right now. And that's okay it's just different.

YMCA Classes: 
On the days I decide crossfit isn't the best idea for me I usually go to the Y and powerwalk or do a class. My two favorite classes are Barre and LesMills SheBam.

Barre doesn't look that hard but it really targets little muscles and BURNS! I also like that it is a great workout but low impact. SheBam is a dance class. I had no idea what to expect but it was really fun and I got around 5,000 steps in just from a 45 minute class. It's also a great low impact workout.

That sums up what I have been doing while being pregnant. People sometimes ask you what your "why" is for doing something. We were asked that at crossfit and I can tell you that now my "why" is labor, delivery, recovery and a healthy baby. I know me working out helps baby J too. I also think pushing will be like the biggest crossfit workout and marathon rolled into one and I can't imagine not training for it. So many people keep telling me that recovery will be easier if I workout so I am hoping they are right.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask. If you were pregnant let me know what you did while pregnant, I'd love to hear what worked for you and what didn't.


  1. Man, you're doing awesome! I pretty much did 0 exercise while pregnant until I made it to 36 weeks, the "safer" zone, and then I started walking and doing squats every day. Since I had various ordeals with taking hormones to stay out of labor, steroid shots in case of early labor, all those shenanigans, doctors were like...yeah, just try to take it easy until we're sure that baby's big enough. But I do think the walking and squats for a few weeks at least helped me regain some strength! In the future I would hope to at least be able to continue with Pilates while pregnant!

  2. Wow, you are doing great. I've seen a lot of pregnant women not even trying to exercise and many might even think it isn't something they should be doing with their condition. Thanks for raising the awareness.

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