ICT Highlight - Verita Coffee in Clifton Square

Hi friends! I'm doing something fun and different today and I'm excited to share it with you. 

Since Dave and I moved back to Wichita in 2016 we've definitely made this place our home. We live in a neighborhood called College Hill and, in my opinion, is one of the very best neighborhoods in Wichita. We have old homes, great neighbors, a beautiful park and we have lots of little cute shops and restaurants. 

I plan to start highlighting a few of these places that I love so much. And today I will start with Verita Coffee. 

Verita coffee began with a coffee shop on the west side and this year they expanded to a shop in College Hill. The coffee shop here is in Clifton Square and is really small but really quaint and lovely (You can check out their Facebook page here). When I lived in College Hill in 2011 I lived right down the street from this building. When I lived there a different roaster / coffee shop was in there, it was a floral storage unit at one point, a juice store and now a coffee shop again. It's been fun to see this little space grow and evolve and I really think Verita is just the perfect spot for it. 

When you step inside you'll probably first be greeted by Ivy and then I'm sure you will see their amazing penny wall that they did themselves. Ivy and her husband are the owners of Verita and it's always fun to chat with Ivy when I go in there. 

Verita also has amazing coffee! The roast their own beans and the beans are single origin. If you are a coffee snob like me you will appreciate single origin roasts. In case you were wondering (like I was at one point) what single origins means, it basically means that all the beans in your bag come from one field and they pick the best ripe beans. They aren't gathering beans from 50 different farms and throwing them into one big batch. This allows for really good high quality coffee. You can buy beans at Verita along with your lattes. 

My favorite drink at Verita is the mocha. It's Hilderbrand chocolate milk (a local KS milk) and espresso. And it is soooo tasty. 

This shop has been really fun because I can walk to it from my house. It is about a 15-20 minute walk and I usually go on days when I nanny and Jonathan. He enjoys the long stroll and I enjoy the coffee. 

If you live in Wichita have you been to Verita before? What is your favorite type of drink?

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