A Photography Project - From Bulb to Flower

Someone suggested once I should do a photography project of photographing my garden every day until it blooms. I didn't capture it every day but I did take lots of photos from bulb to flower.

There's something really fun about planting those bulbs in the fall. You know winter is coming but you also know those bulbs will be deep in the ground getting a good freeze in order to produce beautiful spring blooms for your garden. I love going in the garden in winter and seeing pokes of green coming up from the garden. I love seeing things grow and I really love when the flowers blooms. A garden is therapeutic.

I also feel like there are so man spiritual lessons about my walk with God I can learn from gardening. The ugly bulbs we plant have so much potential. I think that is how people are sometimes. We see them as 'ugly bulbs' but God sees potential. Apart from Christ we were all those ugly bulbs.

I'm reminded that cold hard seasons are needed in order for beauty to grow.

I'm reminded that God is an amazing Creator. The way He set up nature amazes me.

I'm reminded, that just like a flower, our lives are so short.

But most of all I'm reminded that God delights in me and He delights in His creation.

Here ae some photos from bulb to flower. Hope you enjoy.

Do you have a garden? If so, what do you grow in it? What's your favorite Spring flower?

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