1 Year of Speedy

I can hardly believe Speedy dog is a year old. She's been a lot of fun and although she is a year we have only had her for ten months. But what a fun ten months it has been!

I told Dave last night that one year ago we had no idea we would need a little Speedy dog in our life but God did. He knew we'd have to say bye to Static and He already had a dog ready for us. Also, you all know I love my dog but I want to clarify that although she is incredibly fun, and I love her, I do know she is a dog and not a human. The Bible doesn't talk about dogs going to heaven or having an eternal soul. God does talk about how He created animals for us to enjoy and He said His creation is good. So I thank God for giving us Speedy J the dog. She's been a fun little pal this past year. 

This was her the day she was born. I don't think she was too cute then but I think she is now. =)

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