How to Push Through Your Long Runs

If you are a runner you know that long runs can be so rewarding but also so very hard sometimes. Today I want to share what I do during a long run and hopefully it will help you during yours.

During winter and early Spring I mainly run inside and on a treadmill (I really despise running outside in the cold). People have often told me how they dread long runs because they are boring, especially treadmill runs, but I don't think so. I think long runs can be really beneficial, for health and mind and I've learned that using a treadmill can really help push me. I will also tell you that the gym I ran have treadmills on the third floor, with glass walls and I can see outside. So it isn't bad at all!

I normally have a few things I do to keep busy during long runs and I want to share that with you. I will also tell you that all this stuff gets accomplished during a really good long run. Some long runs are just horrid and I can't wait for them to be over but some long runs I just feel like a million bucks and feel like I can do anything. Run Forest, Run! I will say that even on a bad run this stuff helps me push through.

Things to do while running distance:

1. Podcasts
They keep your brain active, engaged and off your legs. Plus I love that I am challenging and growing my mind while running. I am currently listening to Christy Wright's Business Boutique podcast and I highly recommend it for all women who are running or thinking about running a small business. Good pun on the running, right? I just listened to this podcast about digital marketing strategies and it was so good!

When I'm running and engaging my mind I get some of the best ideas! During todays 8 mile run I was listening to her podcast and I had the best ideas for mini sessions this Spring. I immediately came home and messaged people to colaborate. I think there is something about endorphins while running that give you a lot of new ideas.

2. Memorize Bible Verses
I am memorizing the book of Ephesians this year (I am currently in chapter 2) and running on a treadmill is a great place to work on those verses and to meditate on what I'm memorizing. You can set the verses right there in front of you and memorize away. I'd also say you could do this outside too. You could print out your verses on a small piece of paper and run with it. If you are wondering how to memorize I have some great tips for you right here.

3. Music
Lots of runners enjoy music during runs. When I first started out I listened to so much music but this past year I've started listening to less and less when I run. I don't know why either but it's nice to have it off and just enjoy what's around me. However, on a treadmill for 8 miles, you gotta have something. I currently have been listening to LeCrae on Pandora and there has been some really good songs on there.

4. Praise
Running is a really good time to praise and thank God and to pray. When I think I'm dying I try and thank God that I have legs to run, that I have a healthy body to run, a heart to pump blood through my body and more! It really is a gift to have health to run.

5. Pray
I also pray and ask God to please help me make it through the long run because I think I might not. I pray for other people and just pray in general.

Now I want to hear from you! What do you do during long runs? If you listen to podcasts, which ones? What is your favorite music to listen to while running? 


  1. I pray too sometimes, and it is nice to do. I actually really enjoy listening to sermons on podcast during runs. Specifically those from Matt Chandler at the Village Church in Texas. I love the idea of memorizing scripture. Another thing might be to get the Bible on audio and just listen to it being read. I might try that sometime. Good job getting long runs in!

  2. I love listening to sermons while running. I’m really into Andrew Farley from Church without Religion in Texas! I also love listening to music, praying, and thinking over life’s joys and problems. I’ve also found that breaking up long runs into sections(4 two mile sections or 3 three mile runs) is helpful for me mentally when running long runs on the treadmill. Mostly I’m just so thankful for the me time I get when I’m running, it is really restorative for a mommas heart and mind.