On My Mind Volume 2

Here are some things on my mind. Just imagine us sitting over a cup of hot chocolate and I'd tell you all this stuff and then you could tell me all the random stuff in your head.

Okay, can we talk about Christmas cards? First off, I have decided the best Christmas cards are the ones with pictures on them and I'm here to tell you a sad story that I didn't get picture cards. Whomp, whomp! But I will next year.

You know what bugs me? That people get annoyed if someone puts an apostrophe on Christmas cards. For example it wouldn't be Johnson's it's just The Johnsons. I have read people's post on social media how it bugs them so bad and someone even hinted that they almost would rather not get a card than to have that grammatical error. FOR REALS PEOPLE?! GO TO BURMA! That makes me want to address a card to them with so many incorrect apostraphes and then on the inside fill their name like this NAME'S NAME'S NAME'S. MERRY CHRISTMAS'S. ha! I say count your blessings and be grateful someone is sending you a card, be grateful our country has a working mail system. Just be grateful.

Can we talk about Starbucks? Why do they make such AMAZING hot chocolate? I've had more than I can count and the other day when it was 18ยบ outside I had two. And poor baristas, I make my hot chocolate complex. Here is my order: a grande hot chocolate with 3 pumps (instead of 4), whipped cream and no chocolate drizzle on top of the whipped cream. Sorry baristas, but I can't do 4 pumps of chocolate syrup because it's too sweet, and the chocolate drizzle on top of the whipped cream steals the thunder of the whipped cream. A true first world problem going on here with my hot cocoa..... Send help.

Let's talk about my teeth and the dentist. First off, I'm pretty sure due to stress that I ground my teeth at night when we lived in Burma which has led to severe tooth pain on my left side. I had two crowns done this year and one crown didn't work so a root canal is next. But I am a real weirdo because I don't fear dental work and I really look forward to seeing my dentist. He is probably around my Dad's age and is one of the kindest people I have ever met. I have a small overbite and he has never told me I need braces (although I probably technically do). He has told me numerous times I have a beautiful smile. Also, I had to get a crown the day after Static died and when a squirrel came to the window I cried. He was so incredibly kind that day. He told me that he had a dog that died but in due time his wife surprised him with a new one. He told me over time I would feel better and he was right. He is just so nice and does a great job taking care of people's teeth. If you need a dentist call Dr. Burton at 684-5511. Side note, he also has no idea I'm writing this. Dental work isn't sponsoring this post, but I wish it were because crowns aren't cheap.

My best friend texted the other day complaining about the weather and I replied with "go to Burma!" ha! I'm so sure people are sick of hearing that but I have no sympathy. She asked if I could sympathize a bit and I said no because we have heaters, ac, window shades, homes, etc. My poor friend. But for real, go to Burma peeps.

Not to get too political on here but I told Dave the other day that since Trump has been in office there haven't been riots against police like there previously had been. And I'm glad! I'm not saying Trump is the answer to this not happening but I will say that he has been more pro police and military and I'm thankful.

The picture above was taken on a photo walk I did with IG Wichita. It was interesting. I might have been one of the oldest people there. Apparently 32 is really old. =) Someone had me pose and asked me to make a straight face and I just can't do that you guys.


  1. The apostrophes really do hurt my soul a little, I'm sorry. But I have an English degree and grammar is a serious passion of mine (nerd), so it's just how I am. I LOVE getting Christmas cards--grammar errors, typos and all. Sure, I flinch at incorrect apostrophes, but I can easily overlook it when I'm getting a card. People do take it too far.

    I never thought to ask for fewer pumps at Starbucks. I'm trying that next time.

  2. Your hot chocolate order sounds delicious! I agree about the chocolate drizzle. The weather here has been pretty nice lately, which is good for not being freezing but bad for making it feel like Christmas time!