5 Practical Ways to Share The Gospel

A while back I shared how God has put a burden on my heart to share the gospel right here in my hometown of Wichita. I hope and pray that God has put a burden in your heart to share the gospel where you live as well. 

If you are like me, you may often wonder “How can I share the gospel and not sound like a weirdo? How do I even do this? I'm not a missionary or a pro at this and it can be scary.”  I feel you! I have asked myself all of those questions. And the truth is, you might feel weird sometimes but people and Jesus are worth it. I also want you to know that there are creative ways you can share Christ and it doesn't have to always be scary or awkward. So, today, I'm here to help you find practical ways to share the Good News that Jesus saves. 

If you ever have questions about how to do this or would like some prayer as you share Jesus please please e-mail me. I'd love to talk with you about this or pray for you. 

Christ is the best news we can ever offer someone yet we want to present Him in a tasteful way. I think there are so many ways to do that so I am going to give you some ideas of what I do and things I have seen. If you want to share the gospel then I would suggest praying and brainstorming and see what God leads you to do.

1. A Picture with a Verse

This one was free and super easy! Parabo press offers all new clients free 25 square prints. I think you pay shipping but that's it. I ordered prints of flowers and some travel pictures and wrote verses on the back. These come in a thick zip lock pouch so it is really easy to take them with me in my purse. When I’m at a coffee shop, restaurant or some place I am interacting with someone I tell them I took this picture and that there is a verse on the back for them. 

I thought so long about what verse to put on there but over time I am starting to realize that so many people don’t know John 3:16 and the gospel is so plain and clear in that verse that I think I will stick with that for those cards. Some cards have a little note some don't. I will also tell you that every person I have handed these too has been so incredibly grateful. If someone ever gives it back I will feel really dumb but I'll deal with that when it comes. 

And if you are thinking that you'd like to do this but don't think your pictures are good enough please e-mail me and I will send you some pictures you can use, free of charge. 

2. Building Friendships

I know this is probably a given but sometimes it takes months and years of friendship building before God opens a clear door for the gospel to be shared. I encourage you to look for those opportunities. I currently am befriending a Muslim family and Dave and I know it could take a long time to earn their trust where they will listen to us present Christ to them. 

Also, I shared how my co-worker came to Christ (you can read about that by clicking here) and a big part of that was because God put it on my heart to reach out to her when she was going through a hard time. That friendship was already there and then God opened a door to show His love through me and I think that is a big part of why she listened to the gospel. Look and pray for those opportunities in your life. They are all round us we just have to be sensitive to The Holy Sprit’s leading. 

3. Photography Bible Tract 

With my photography business I wrote a small Bible tract that I give to every new client after their photo session. I basically compare a photo shoot to salvation and I explain that just like I edit pictures Christ can edit sin out with His shed blood on the cross. 

I know I can’t sit with every client and go over the plan of salvation but I can give them that card that plants the seed and trust The Holy Spirit to work as He sees fit. I also know not everyone can hand out Bible tracts at their job but I can, so I do. =) If you can't maybe you could have a pocket New Testament sitting on your desk, a copy of Our Daily Bread devotionals for people to take, a verse at your desk, something. Pray and ask God to show you how and where. He will answer! 

Our vet sent us a letter after Static died. Here is a little piece of what it said, "While I understand and empathize with your loss, may I also remind you that our relationship to our pets isn't nearly as important as our need to have a relationship with Jesus Christ." He gave the gospel in a very creative way and I'm so thankful he shares the gospel with so many people who come into his office. And side note, we love our vet! If you need one just click here

4. Sharing Christ In The Way

We can share Christ in our every day occurrences and I really think it's easy to do this with kids. And Dad and Moms, you are the first missionary your kids will ever see, so preach well to them. ;) Sharing Christ in the way is where you take a situation you are in and relate it to a Bible story or Jesus. Here are a few examples:

My nephew Elliot and I went standup paddle boarding. First off, paddle boarding with a five year old kid sitting on your board adds an entire new element of fun and scariness but then add in the choppy water that was there that day and it was kind of scary. I didn't want to tip our board and dump my nephew over. So while I was trying to paddle I asked Elliot if he knew the story about the disciples and Jesus when they got in the boat to go to the other side and all a big storm came upon them. He told me he didn't so I told him the story and it was a great opportunity because we were on 'waves' so it was easy to tell him about Jesus and how God helps us through life's storms.

When I worked at the Y I had a kid during swim lessons tell me how a rainbow was made and I told her that her science was correct but that ultimately God made them. She then asked me who God was, and I told her. I told her God made her and loved her. The next week she came back to me and said "I told my Mom what you said and she said my Dad and Mom made me." ha ha! I cracked up. I did end up giving that Mom a Jesus Story Bible Book and told her about the questions her daughter had been asking me. I invited them to church as well. They never came to church but I got to plant a seed and I trust that God will send someone else to water it.

We each have daily encounters with lots of people. Look for ways to say things about Christ in every day conversations. God could use one of those as an open door to share more about Him.

5. CHRISTmas cards

This is the PERFECT season to share about Christ. I gave a Chirstmas card to the lady at Dillards that always helps me with my Origins skincare products. The card talks about Christ and I wrote John 3:16 inside. I also wrote her a thank you for all her help in there. Dave and I plan to get a poinsetta (or something Christmasy) for our neighbors with a card and verse as well. Every season is the right time to share Jesus but Christmas just makes it easy!

I share these ideas to hopefully get the gears turning in your brain. How can you share Jesus with those in your life? Time is short friends and eternity is well, forever and ever and ever! Jesus and heaven is so incredibly close but the flip side to that is this, people will go to hell; eternal flames, separated from Christ. What will you do to stop that? Get sharing! What can you do today? 


  1. Thanks for sharing this. You’re always an encouragement to keep sharing Christ. I like the idea of the picture verse. That is neat! I thought your Christmas cards were really pretty and had a good message :)

  2. Excellent suggestions! This season, I've been particularly challenged to keep Christ in Christmas and not just the commercial traditions and such. Thank you and thank you for representing Christ to all.

  3. Thanks alot for sharing the ways to share gospel with your readers.It was indeed must needed.Keep sharing such useful stuffs with your readers.