Open Streets ICT - Bike Day

This past Sunday, Wichita hosted the first ever Open Street ICT day. They shut traffic down for 4 miles of one of the main streets in town and opened it up to bikes, shops and food trucks. And it was EPIC! 

My friend Alisha and I recently purchased some super cute Cruiser bikes and were happy to join in on this fun day. Our neighborhood was where the streets were closed so it was very convenient to join in. We would bike until we would see a fun shop we wanted to go to and then would stop and shop and then bike some more. 

We saw a ton of people we knew and it was neat to chat with people along the route. 

I think my favorite part of the bike tour was seeing all the murals that were being painted. Wichita has brought mural art back and artists can submit a design to be painted. If they are selected they get to paint a mural in town. It's so incredibly fun to see all the talent and work that goes into these murals. Some are murals of the state, our city or things that represent both. 

This was the first time our city has ever done something like this and I hope they keep the tradition going. Positive community events are a breath of fresh air. 

Thanks for being awesome Wichita! 

What kind of festivals does your city host?! If you live in Wichita and participated in this what did you think of it? 

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  1. Oh wow this looks so fun, I wish my city did something like this. All the pictures and wall art looks absolutely amazing, loved the post. Hope to see more such posts from you soon.