Life Lately #35

I haven’t done a little life lately update post in so long so I figure I check in with you all today. 

For starters, my birthday came and went so quickly. It was fun though! My favorite birthday present was Speedy. Also, me and my girlfriends made flower crowns and did a photo shoot and that was a lot of fun too. 

I’m loving this summer weather! It’s warm and I love being outdoors and at the pool. I planted a garden this year and I’ve worked in it just about every single day. It’s been a fun hobby and challenge. 

For some reason I ended up with I believe, 8-9 basil plants and I have basil growing out my ears. I have given a bunch of it away and I managed to make 48 ounces of pesto the other day. I don’t know what made me think planting so many basil plants was a good idea but holy basil, it’s everywhere! 

I have 4 garden beds this year and here is what I have planted: 

-swiss chard
-and a few other cut flower garden items

It’s been fun to grow a garden this year and not have it ripped out due to plumbing issues, unlike last year. =) 

Swimming Laps

This summer I have felt the urge to swim, swim, swim! I’ve been swimming a lot of laps at work and at our neighborhood pool. It’s a really good workout and great on the joints too. Does anyone else out there like to swim laps? 


I know I already shared how we got Speedy but I feel like the last 1+ month of my life has revolved around her. We’ve working really hard to train her now so she will be a good dog when she grows up. Plus, it’s fun to train a puppy and watch them learn and grow so quickly. 

I’m still plugging away at my photography business. It isn’t a full time gig, barely a part time one actually but that’s okay. It takes time to build up clients and I am really enjoying the photo shoots I am doing. 

I work at the Y still two mornings a week and at the end of this month I will start babysitting my friend’s kid two days a week. I think the change of pace this fall with baysittiing will be a welcome change.  


Dave and I traveled to Colorado this month and had such a great time. We saw some neat sights in Denver and hiked the tallest mountain in Colorado.

I’m currently in flight to Idaho. I am going to see my sister and her family and then we will go to Washington with them to see my brother and his family. I love love love family time and it always goes way too fast. BUT I’m super thankful I can travel to see family and I’m really looking forward to hugging on my nephews and niece.  

How have YOU been this summer? What is your favorite things about summer? And if you are counting down the days until pumpkin spice lates please don’t speak to me. ;)  


  1. Your garden sounds amazing! I miss being able to grow my own veggies. Zucchini was always my favorite to grow! Have a great trip!

  2. Basil! It is hard to use up that much but that's fun you were able to plant so much in your garden this year! Love the picture with the sunflowers, friend :) Your blog looks great too. I had forgotten you redid it! Pretty.