How we got Speedy - Our New Puppy

I want to take a moment before I share how we got Speedy and say a really big thank you to everyone who walked us through those hard days when we said bye to Static. I remember just praying that God would give us strength and help and He really did.

Grieving is hard and I am so glad God is patient with us. I remember asking God that He promises peace that passes understanding and He said He would carry us through hard times and I asked Him where He was? And very gently the Holy Spirit prompted my heart and said, "I carried you when Kirsten brought you coffee, when JB and Gloria got you dinner, when your Dad e-mailed you, through the constant messages people have sent you and more." And then I cried. God carries us through hard times and He uses people to do that. So to everyone who sent me a message, commented on a post, or helped us through that time we really really appreciate it.

And now I will tell you how God weaved the story for us to get Speedy. I truly believe God works in our lives before we ever know we need Him working. He is good like that and this story is a testament to Him. 

We knew earlier in the year that Static was going down hill but I also knew I didn't want to get a dog until she was gone. I did want to keep my eyes out for breeders so when the time came I could get a dog from a good breeder rather than a puppy mil. This past March, Dave and I went to Florida. And I had my 'once a year McDonald's craving' and we stopped at a rest stop with a McD's. (Side note - every year after I eat McDonald's my entire gut hurts and I wonder why I do it, until the next year comes again...). Anyways, there was a nice couple there with two blue heeler pups and I pet them and chatted with the owner. I got back in the car and told Dave I wish I would have asked where they got their dogs from and he said to go back and ask, so I did. They told me they drove all the way to Oklahoma to get these dogs! Such a far drive but they also had family there. They said Oklahoma had lots of Blue Heelers because they are known for herding cattle and told me I could google and find lots of breeders.

I did google Blue Heelers and I guess I searched for 'blue heelers' in Facebook too because I found a group called 'Blue Heeler Haven' that has 18,000+ members. That FB page is a wealth of information and a great community for blue heeler lovers. They were so so supportive when I posted about Static dying too. And although I know only one person from that FB page, it was a great comfort when Static died. They are so caring. Anyways, tons of Blue Heeler stuff pops up on my FB feed and I am always showing Dave the funny stuff different dogs are doing. 

About three weeks after Static died I was on Facebook, not even scrolling in that Heeler Haven page and this picture popped up:

This puppy was for sale! She had a previous buyer that backed out so she was up for grabs again! 

I immediately turned my phone to Dave and said, "Look at this little dog! She looks so much like Static. We should check on her. What do you think?" He said she did look a lot like Static but asked me if it was too soon? And I said, of course it was too soon but that this dog was too cute to pass up! So we agreed that I would e-mail about her and when I did the owner said that the puppy loved to run and was very sweet. And I immediately was swooned and sold on this puppy! However, I didn't want to get a puppy if Dave didn't really like her too. We put a deposit on her but I told the owner that if Dave didn't like her we would not keep her and just be out the deposit money. 

Now, remember those people in Florida that I thought were crazy for driving so far for their puppies? Well, Speedy was located in St. Louis! We had to wait 10 days to meet her because of Dave's work schedule but as soon as he had a couple of days free we drove all the way up their to meet this pup. Dave also has an Aunt and Uncle that live there so I asked if we could stay with the possibility of a brand new puppy being there as well and they were nice enough to say yes. 

We drove 7 hours to meet this puppy and I kept telling Dave my puppy heart was beating super fast with excitement. =) ha! I told Dave I would not hold that puppy until he did because if I got a hold of her first I would not be able to say no. I told him if he didn't like her we would walk and that there would be another puppy for us. 

Well, we arrived and that little puppy went right up to Dave and he picked her up and she just cuddled right into her shoulder and I saw Dave's face and the expression he had immediately let me know we were going home with a puppy! And apparently puppies make me write run on sentences.....

Dave meeting Speedy for the 1st time

The breeder we got her from was super helpful and answered our many questions. She also sent me lots of videos and pictures during the 10 day waiting period and I'm so glad. Apparently, right after I had inquired about Speedy someone else did but she honored our request first. We got everything set up and left with a new puppy! It was so much fun. 

We began the hour drive to Dave's Uncle and Aunt's house and Speedy started drooling uncontrollably on my lap. It was really gross and I was really wet. Then all of the sudden she projectile vomited all over me and our car. Oh, it was gross you guys! I felt so bad for the puppy because I knew she was a nervous wreck leaving her Mom and being with strangers. We had to pull over and clean the car and I had to change my entire outfit - underwear and all. That's how much I got vomited on. The next day we were smarter and crated her and she did vomit again but by the time we realized it she had cleaned up her own mess. Also, very gross. She hasn't gotten car sick again and we take her all over so I know it was nerves.

Drooling queen! 

People keep asking me how we got her name Speedy J. Dave always said our next dog would be called Speedy because he wanted a fast running dog. I thought it was odd but told him he could name the dog whatever he wanted. J is for Speedy's older sister named, Justice. Apparently Speedy's birth Mom got sick and quit nursing the puppies. Speedy's older sister's milk came in and she took over the nursing and 'mothering' those puppies. The breeder said when people came to take the puppies the birth Mom wasn't sad but the sister dog was. They were calling Speedy 'Baby J' because she reminded them of Justice so I told her would just keep the 'J' in their honor. =) 

Dave and I are all about socializing our dog and training her from day 1. In the first few weeks of her life here is what we have made this pup do & learn: 

-And she is about 95% potty trained! 

-swam the first day we got her
-went to the farmer's market
-went to a craft show
-met other dogs
-walked on a leash
-ran on a leash
-visited people's homes
-interacted with other dogs
-attended a 4th of July event with loud fireworks (poor dog, but she did fine!)
-and much more! 

And I'm not sorry for all of the puppy pictures. If you don't like puppies then something is clearly wrong with you (unless you are allergic). 

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  1. Thank you for such an inspirational post it would be helpful in giving some hope to the people who have got hopeless towards their life due to the wrong things happening in their lives. Bad days are always followed by good days because God is always there to help and support.