Saying Bye to our Sweet dog Static

Yesterday we had to tell our sweet dog Static bye and put her down. I knew it would be hard but it is so much harder than I thought.

It's strange how an animal that can't even talk can fill such a big place in my heart and in our family. And now that she is gone it just feels so sad.

Dave got Static in 2004. It was a hard time in their lives where they needed a new dog. Dave was driving home and saw some dog cross the road and thought she wasn't smart and would get run over. He came back to that same spot later in the day for something work related and she managed to go into the building. He brought her home and thought if she ended up being bad they would just take her to the humane society. Well, he never had to do that because he kept her for the last 13 years.

It's funny because Dave and I were talking that we have never met one person who didn't like her. Even people who do not like dogs loved Static. God just gave her a really sweet personality.

Static went on many adventures with Dave before he got married. She was by Dave and Becky's side when their Mom got sick and passed away. She was our ring bearer at our wedding. Static stayed in Oklahoma with me after I moved back to America and went through a massive amount of life changes at once. She was here when we came back from Burma. She was just always there and was such a blessing.

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this but Static was a shared dog between Dave and his sister. Literally split custody. And she was smart about it too. She knew the rules at each house, and I was way more lenient and spoiled her. At my house she could put her little head on my bed at night and give me the look and I'd be a sucker and let her up on the bed for a few minutes.

She was just a lot of fun and a great comfort during hard times. It's really weird to be sad and think "Oh, I'll pet Static because she makes me feel better" only to realize she is gone.

Yesterday was really really hard but I also know God was so good and worked everything out perfectly. We all had enough time to tell her by and once she was gone she just looked so peaceful and I'm very thankful for that. I also know God brought her into our lives when we needed her and He knew it was time for her to go. His timing is perfect, and although I'm sad, I have peace and trust in God's goodness, because He is good.

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  1. It is so great that you guys have so many sweet memories (and photos!) of her! Praying for peace for you guys as you adjust!