Pensacola Beach Pictures

If photographers have one crime it would be that they aren't in front of the lens enough. It's fun to take pictures but we often forget that in 50 years people will want to see us in those pictures too. So, while in Pensacola I hired our awesome photographer, Naomi, who did our wedding photos to come and take some pictures of us.

It should also be noted that 45 minutes prior to these pictures the Univeristy of West Georgia had just finished their daily 10am - 5pm drinking escapade that ended with a fight and police involved. After that though, the beach cleared out real quick and we got to take pictures without 50 million people in them.

These pictures were fun to take and Dave was a good sport about it. I had him wear comfortable clothes because guys take pictures much better when they are comfortable. That's just a free tip for you.

I got these pictures printed in a soft cover book by Artifact Uprising and the quality was great and I highly recommend them.

We are 4! 

I thank crossfit for the following picture ;).

Also, when you have a photographer taking pictures and one photographer in the pictures and are trying to explain to Dave how to pose you just pick him up real quick and show him how to pose. ha ha! This picture just cracks me up.

When was the last time you took pictures of you and your family?

If you are in the Wichita area I now do photos! You can check out my website, Sunshine Photography by Beka. 


  1. You guys are cute :) Love the ones where the waves are coming in!

  2. Aww, those last few are my favs!! So so sweet! And the crossfit inspired one is hilarious!