St. Patrick's Day 2017

Tonight we celebrated St. Patrick's Day with Dave's family. I know I have shared on the blog before about Dave's family celebrating St. Patrick's Day. I honestly don't know any other families that celebrate this holiday but I am glad we do. Dave's Mom celebrated many holidays and this was one of them so I am glad we can honor her in that way. 

Becky painted the dogs using a marker. It's always fun to bring your pets into the festivities. 

Everyone was asked to bring green food.

Dave and I made green alfredo pasta.

Becky made salad and guacamole. A double portion of guacamole apparently because Caleb really likes it. ;)

JB & Gloria brought drinks which consisted of ginger ale poured over lime sherbert.

Caleb, Andrea and Aidan brought green dinosaur cookies. 

Dave loves it when I put fun decor on his face.

We then all drew a picture of a lepricon. Caleb and Andrea arrived later in the party so they were the judges. We had five drawings and five categories so everyone could be a winner.

Left picture is JB's and the right picture's is Becky's. 

Left picture: Dave, Center picture mine, right picture is Gloria's. Don't be jealous of our awesome artistic abilities. 

Cheese got a good rest in.

 And so did Aidan.

 Static got a good begging session in. She could be hired as a professional beggar.

And here is a group photo of all of us, minus Byron because he was working.

If you celebrate St. Patrick's Day I hope it's fun for you. We celebrated early this year because Dave and I are headed out of town and won't be here to celebrate on the day of.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


  1. Aww, how fun! Guacamole would definitely be my first pick for green food. I've never celebrated St. Patrick's Day...I've got Irish roots on my Mom's side but I don't know much about that branch of my ancestors.

  2. This looks so fun! I love the drawing contest!

    So, this is maybe weird, but... when I was younger, my dad and I would always set traps in the house on St. Patrick's Day Eve to try to catch leprechauns. I was always so sure that I would catch one and I would force him to show me his pot of gold. Even weirder, I never caught a leprechaun, but "the leprechauns" (my parents) would always get into our house and make a mess. Maybe my parents are crazy? Ha ha!

  3. I like the green pasta! That's fun! Are you taking these pictures with your new camera? They look great!

  4. How fun! I love all the green-themed food!