Rawhide: My Dad's New Puppy

 Meet Rawhide, my Dad's new pup.

Every time I see him I squeeze him a lot. He's so fun and he likes to be squeezed so it's a win win.

My Dad has been looking for a dog for a while and found a great breeder up in Nebraska. Apparently, you have to be careful who you purchase dogs from because puppy mills still exist. So sad. =( My Dad did a lot of research before purchasing this dog and made sure it came from a good place.

So, last Tuesday we drove 4 hours up to Nebraska to get Rawhide. When we arrived, he came tumbling out of the house and acted like he had been waiting and waiting for us to come and get him. I was instantly smitten.

This picture was when we were meeting Rawhide. 

My Dad chose the name Rawhide because every President has a code name that the CIA uses, and Ronald Reagan's code name was 'Rawhide'. My Dad loved President Reagan and named his dog in honor of his CIA code name.

Rawhide is pure puppy and finds EVERYTHING in your house. He is like a toddler. He soon will be in obedience school so that will be good.

Saturday they brought him over so I could dog sit. During that time Rawhide managed to jump up on my piano, find himself in the mirror and he pooped on my floor without me knowing and I stepped in it and went sliding. It was so hilarious and so disgusting at the same time. I'm glad I was wearing tennis shoes and I'm glad I have wood floors.

If you want to see more puppy pictures feel free to follow me on Instagram. I've been sharing pup pics over there because I just can't help it. So cute!

If you got your dog as a puppy please do send me a picture!!!! 

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