Opinions - 2

I sat down to write this post about 15 minutes ago and my computer just finished warming up. #insertangryemojihere! 😡 I never want to see the beach ball on my screen again, but it will show up. My computer is actually full and out of room! AAAAh! I blame it on the 15,000+ pictures. I did purchase a 4TB external hard drive so I need to delete and transfer items soon. #1stworldproblems 😡 PS - I had no idea you can add emojis into blogger but you can! =) , wait .... 😀, that's better. 

You know what drives me nuts? When people drive through the parking lanes in a parking lot. Why can't they just drive down the aisle? Are they that lazy? It actually drives me nuts because I think it's a safety hazard and one day I am afraid I'll get smacked by someone driving illegally in the parking lot. Drive in the lanes people! 

Today I am going to a group home for pregnant teen girls to take portrait shots of them in front of the Christmas tree. There might also be a newborn baby that I'll get to photograph today too and that would just be epic. I used to work at this house many years ago and thought it would be nice to volunteer to do photos for them.  If you want to read more about my time working there you can check out this post about my jobs. 

Last weekend Dave and I went to Kansas City. We were going to ice skate at the outdoor rink but the temps were zero and sub zero so we opted to ride the carousel at the mall instead, aka all my childhood dreams came true. I told Dave I need a Ferris Wheel and a carousel in my backyard. His reply? "Our yard is too small." =) 

Is anyone else already feeling sad that Christmas will be over in less than a week? Whaaaaaaa! Speaking of Christmas, I was at Michaels last week and they had a doggie Santa suit for 70% off and I just had to get it for our dog. She is super cute in it and actually doesn't mind wearing it. We think it is hilarious. 

I can't quit looking up all the cute pictures that come with the hashtag "#blueheelers". SO. MANY. CUTE. DOGS!!!!!!! I told Dave when Static dies we must get a blue heeler puppy. They are so cute and I need like 10 of them. ;) But for real - you should look at this litter of puppies and basically every dog on this page right here. Good thing I have a husband or I'd have a backyard with a carousel, a Ferris Wheel and 20 Blue Heeler puppies. ha ha ah! 

I thought GoFundMe was bad before but oh my word! I guess Go Fund Me is the new "I should get a second part time job". And yes, I'm all for giving, especially when emergencies happen and I think GoFundMe is a great place to do that but I'm just so burned out on GoFundMe popping up all over the place. I think we should start a campaign called 'Go Work Me'. Amen! 

Speaking of work would you please say a prayer for me. My boss at my current job is currently leaving and I'm praying and thinking about whether I should apply for that position. I'd have to negotiate my hours because I want to guard my time with Dave but it would be a really good opportunity to minister to the families that come through there. Even now I have had several chances to talk about God and The Bible with families there and next week I am going to meet up with a family from Syria that I met through the Y. 

That's a wrap for today folks. I gotta go charge my camera battery and take some pictures. 

How is your holiday season going? 

Is anyone else sad Christmas will be over? 

If you'd like to purchase me a miniature carousel for my backyard I won't object. ;)


  1. Aww all the cute puppies! Both yours and the Blue Heeler puppies too! So cute!

    We are celebrating Christmas with Christopher's family this weekend, but we won't be celebrating with my family until New Year's so I feel like I have at least two more weeks of Christmas! It does make me sad when January comes and everyone takes down all the Christmassy decorations. Let's definitely enjoy it while we can! :)

  2. I am super bummed Christmas will be over soon! And no more Christmas music on the radio! Waaaa.