Kansas City

This photo pretty much sums up what life is like being married to a photographer. And that has nothing to do with this post except that I took this picture in Kansas City. 

The weekend before Christmas Dave and I headed to Kansas City for a little getaway. And I'm so so glad we did because he had to work all Christmas week and I'd be lying if I told you I wasn't emotional about that. That was not fun, but back to Kansas City. 

The entire reason we went to Kansas City was to go to the WWI museum. I don't normally like museums but was actually looking forward to this one because it is supposed to be one of the better ones around. It's also super pretty, which is nice too. 
Initially Dave suggested we go to some gardens up near KC. We stopped there and let me just say zero degree weather and strolling outside don't go together. We walked around a super small statue area and left. I just can't do hiking in the cold. 
I talked Dave into going to the mall with me and I'm so glad we went because they had a carousel there and pretty much all my childhood dreams came true from riding on that. SO MUCH FUN! 

We then popped into the Museum at Prairie Fire. We actually just went inside to look at at the awesome glass and the massive dinosaur there. That part is free so we did that and left. The museum is supposed to resemble the fires that Kansas has and their glass did a great job representing that. 

For lunch Dave suggested Arthur Bryants. He was surprised when I told him I hadn't tried any of Kansas City's famous BBQ joints. I usually go to the Brazilian restaurant and the Cheesecake Factory. However, after eating this amazing meaty sandwich I'll be going for more bbq in KC from now on. 

Kansas City is known for its really cool library and I must agree that a wall that looks like books is pretty neat.

This is my 'payback' picture. Dave loves to take pictures of me while I'm taking pictures so I am returning the favor. He didn't think it was too funny. ;) but I did.

The library has a rooftop lounge which was amazing but I stayed out there for about 1 minute due to frigid weather. 

Friday afternoon we went to the Hallmark Museum, which was really fun! They have a machine where you push a button and it creates a bow for you. I got 3 bows! I don't know why I thought it was so fun but it was. That evening we went to The Plaza, which is so lovely at Christmas time. We ate Brazilian cheese bread and drank Brazilian soda and then went to The Cheesecake Factory for an appetizer. I didn't take any pictures because, hello frigid rainy weather!

We stayed at the Sheraton at Crown Center and I'm so glad I picked that place because there is a link that connects the hotel to shopping centers and then on to Union Station. You don't have to go outside at all which is great because it was -6 Saturday morning with ice. We took The Link all the way to Union Station and explored that area.

In the background of this picture you can see the WWI museum. That is all we saw of that museum because they closed due to weather, which I thought was ironic because that was the whole reason we went to KC.

Union Station is amazing at Christmas. It is decorated so lovely and they have lots of things for kids to do there for free.

Since we didn't get to go to the WWI museum we went to the Art Museum in Kansas City. There were some neat things but let's be real, modern art is a tossup between betting on if an artist or my 4 year old nephew slapped some paint on a canvas. It's so weird!

And then the art museum closed because of weather so we packed up and headed home.

I'm excited to go back to KC this spring when it is warmer so we can go to the WWI museum. Has anyone else been there?

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  1. Ha! I completely agree about modern art. What a bummer that you couldn't go in the museum! That's right up my alley. I'm obsessed with all things WWI and WWII.