Burgers & Dresses: A Christmas Outing

Somewhere I heard that people fall into two main categories when it comes to friends: you either have a lot of good friends or a few super close friends. Now, I know that doesn't define everyone but I have always thought about that because I fall into the latter. I'd rather have a few really close friends than a big group of friends that I don't know as well. In fact, being in big groups is kind of nerve racking for me at times.  

I'd say outside of family I have 4 best friends. Three live in Kansas and my other good friend is Elicia who lives in Morocco, and oddly enough, we have only been around each other in person twice but we chat all the time and just 'click'. 

In the above picture is my friend Kirsten (left) and Shenel (middle). I've known Shenel since high school and our husbands have been friends since they were like 3. Kirsten is my friend that I met at the Hyatt. All three of us get along really well and get together once or twice a month. 

For Christmas this year we decided to wear dresses, go to a burger pub followed by a fancy chocolate shop in town called Cocoa Dolce. There's nothing quite like wearing a fancy dress and eating a burger. ;) 

This burger place, called Dempesy's Pub, is so so good. Another big bonus is that they are in my neighborhood about 1 mile away. I don't know if that is a blessing or a terrible thing? Anyways, they make their own dipping sauces and their burgers are just so so good. I ordered the bacon mushroom swiss. Divine.

yes! I did 99% of that burger and fries all by myself. 

After burgers we went to a fancy chocolate shop where drank hot chocolate, swapped Christmas gifts and laughed until our bellies hurt. We are also friends because we equally enjoy fatty burgers and hot chocolate. Amen and amen!

Can you find us in the circles?

I also have no idea why I am sparkling in this picture but I find it oddly funny. Lastly, I finally bought a curling and now I am wondering why I didn't do that sooner? It's so easy to curl your hair with that rather than a flat iron.

Do you have a few close friends or a big group of friends? 

Have you had get togethers with your friends yet? 


  1. Aww, sounds like such a fun little Christmas get-together. I'm not much of a burger fan, but those french fries look amazing! I miss good fries....haha!

  2. That looks like so much fun. That burger looks YUMMY. Maybe if I come to Kansas, you can take me sometime :) I tend to have a lot of friends, just because I'm extroverted and like talking to people, but I have a smaller group of close friends that I talk to more often and share personal things with.