QALO rings

Have you heard of this awesome company? I first heard about them when my friend Audrey posted a picture of a silicone ring she had purchased for her trip to the Grand Canyon. I had been eyeing them on social media for a while and contacted the company to do a review of their great products. They were generous enough to send me a ring to review so I'm here today to do just that with you. 

I wondered how you pronounce their company and they explain it on their website that it is pronounced KAY-LOW. Also, each letter stands for something: 

Q - quality
A - athletics
L - love 
O - outdoors 

I love that! The company began when the owners couldn't find wedding bands to fit their outdoor lifestyle so they designed their own using quality medical grade silicone. They also have a philanthropic ring where 10% of profits go to finding a cure for Lupus. 

I initially wanted this ring for several reasons. First off, I teach swim lessons and wearing my diamond ring in the pool is pretty much a terrible decision. I would try to leave it at home but would often forget so it would get stuck in my purse, which isn't smart either. I also don't like not wearing a ring. 

I now wear my QALO wedding ring to teach swim lessons in and it is wonderful. It's super functional in the pool and I will tell you even the kids ask about it because it is so different than a traditional ring. Even today I babysat and the girl I watched was enthralled with my ring. I showed her that it is 'squishy' and how it glows in the dark (because mine does and it's awesome) and she         said she hoped when she was an adult she could get married and get a ring like mine. ha ha! I love       kids.
If you swim I highly highly recommend this ring. 

I also wear this ring to crossfit but I'll be honest and tell you I don't wear it if we are lifting weights. If I wear a ring while lifting weights it pinches on the inside of my hand making blistering an easy thing. Since I just started back at Crossfit I'm wondering if after my hands calous more that I'll be able to wear my ring? There are many crossfiters that wear a QALO ring but it just doesn't work for me right now. 

And you all know how Dave and I like to travel. Well, this ring is perfect for traveling. It's great for outdoor life. Dave and I have talked about going to Brazil at some point so when we do I'll be wearing this ring for that trip. 

QALO does a $5 referral program so every friend you refer that buys a ring gives you $5! Pretty fun. Also, I think this would make a great Christmas present.

Have you ever heard of QALO before? 

When you travel what ring do you wear? 


  1. I'm not particularly athletic but I do love rings of all sorts and I think these are really cool! I checked out the website and they even come in small sizes--so many rings have a limited size range so that's really nice that these come in the 4s and 5s!

  2. I think these rings are so fun! I've seen a few people post about them before. These pictures are fun too :) I love Dave's smile in that one of you guys.