Some thoughts on the Election, The Gospel & Why I'm Voting

If you are anything like me I am sure you're stomach is in knots about the election.

It isn't just so much the election but the state that our nation is in. To come to a point where Trump or Clinton are our two main choices really are a reflection of where much of America is today. That saddens my heart.

I have had a lot of mixed emotions about this election. I've also had a post of '5 reasons why I'm voting' but after seeing and reading so many things, that got tossed to the curb. I do still plan on sharing why I am voting, though.

I don't really know how to properly get to the point of this post but to just say what has been on my heart. The thing that has resonated with me the most is what an opportune time us Christians have. I can't think of a better election where both candidates are so horrible that the best thing I can tell people is to look to one man: Jesus. That doesn't mean we don't vote. It doesn't mean we sit idly by and do nothing to fight for what is right but seriously, think how grim this season of our nation is and how beautiful the gospel is in the midst of this.

Jesus didn't talk horribly about women in a bathroom. He openly forgave a women caught in the act of adultery.

Jesus wasn't for murdering little children in the womb. He said, 'let the little children come unto me."

Jesus never hid an e-mail but He plainly gave us His truth in the Bible. He is Truth.

Jesus never promised us one thing and left us wondering if He'd actually follow through. He followed through - all the way to the cross, until it was finished and then He rose again.

Jesus probably never faked baked either but I don't have a Biblical analogy for that one. ;)

But what I'm getting at is this - we as Christians have a really big chance to rise to the occasion and to share the hope of Christ with people. Is this not a great opportunity to tell people that the best Kingdom is the one to come and that by repenting of their sins and trusting in Jesus they can be a part of that?

So my challenge to you, if you are a born again Christian, is this: pray that God would open doors for you to share the gospel during this season. And that probably won't happen over an argumentative post on FB either, just a friendly reminder to me and you. It will probably happen one-on-one as you love people and share Christ with them.

Also, please don't think I'm advocating the position of "I'm not voting because I am a Christian." I'm absolutely not. I think we as Christians have a great privilege where we can elect people. And to all my Christian friends who say they just can't vote for Trump or Clinton so they aren't voting at all- why not study the ballot and vote for local people and positions?

Here is why I'm voting this year:

Freedom to share the Gospel

I want to vote for people who will protect religious freedom. Do you know how privileged we are to able to walk into church and hear the gospel without wondering if we will be arrested? I want to protect that so that we can continue to share the gospel with as many people as we can. Also think that if you aren't able to share from the pulpit that sin is sin, how can people ever know that they need a Saviour?

Life Matters

For some reason God has brought abortion to the forefront of my heart lately. Our nation is in deep trouble for this sin and I know God is grieved. I will be voting for people who are pro-life. The thought of voting for someone who is okay with ripping body parts off of a tiny innocent human and smashing their brains in with scissors doesn't sit well with me.


The next President will appoint at least 1, if not more, Supreme Court Judges. I'm not a huge fan of Trump but the judges he has selected are pro-life. The last debate I heard, Clinton did indeed say she wanted to appoint judges that were pro-choice (pro-murder) and who we pro-gay marriage. Both of those things are wrong and putting judges in place that are for that, will greatly affect not only me and you, but our grandchildren.


I'm so thankful for the military who served for me to be able to vote. People literally have died so I could freely walk into a voting place and cast my ballot. I also have a brother and sister-in-law who have sacrificed time together as well as seeing their children so I can have freedom to vote. My brother has missed 2 out of 4 of his son's birthdays so I could vote. I really appreciate that! So thanks L & A.


After living in Burma I can't tell you how thankful I am for my freedom! Americans have it really really great and for all those boo-hooers who just think it's awful, I guarantee you someone in Burma would gladly change places with you. Voting is such a privilege and I'm so glad I have freedom to do that. I'm voting because I'm free!

Here are a few resources for you:

- If you are in Kansas and haven't registered to vote it's super easy! You can do it on-line right here. The deadline to vote is Tuesday, October 18th! If you aren't in Kansas just google 'how to vote in whatever state you are in'.

- To see the full ballots for both National and State in Kansas just go to this web address and type in your address and it will pull it up.

- This website has a list of what both Hillary and Trump stand for.

I want to encourage and remind both you and me to pray. Bathe this election in prayer. Pray for our country. The Bible in 2 Chronicles 7:14 says, " If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land." That is a call to us Christians and if we want to see change, it will come from our humble prayers that touch the heart of God. 

Lastly,  come back tomorrow because I'll have a post completely different than this - it's all about coffee =)


  1. Thanks for sharing :) I think when people say they aren't voting, they still plan on voting for local representatives, at least that's how it is for most of the people I know. I don't plan on voting for a presidential candidate, but I am going to vote on state questions and for local people. Here is a good article that talks about why it's okay not to vote for president. And obviously we just need to pray for discernment whatever we decide! https://www.thegospelcoalition.org/article/why-i-dont-think-you-must-vote-for-lesser-two-evils
    I like what you said about telling people to look to Jesus. He is the one who appoints kings and rulers (Daniel 2:20) and isn't going to be surprised by the outcome of this election. A president isn't our final authority and we can't put our hope into one person.

  2. Love this. In this particular election and after much prayer, I feel convicted to not vote for either of our two candidates. What I'm going to do I have not decided, but I WILL vote my state and local issues. I love what you said about the military and how people have died to allow us out freedom to vote. I never want to forget that or take it for granted. I'm just shocked we're in this situation as a country, but at the same time, we've gotten what we deserve. Also---I'm with you on abortion. It has been heavy on my heart lately to the point that I've been looking for ways to volunteer at a crisis pregnancy center or SOMETHING. I just have to do something.

  3. You bring up some really great points, friend. This is exactly why I will be voting, too!