Let's Move Kansas - A race to benefit the Carol A. Johnson International Missions Scholarship

This past weekend our family participated in the Let's Move Kansas Run. It's an annual run put on by the Kansas Academy of Family Physicians, also known as KAFP.

KAFP was the group that Carol worked with so it is neat to support the organization that she served with. Our family all signed up as the, Carl A Johnson team, in honor of Dave's Mom. Her favorite color was purple, which is why we most of us are in purple gear of some kind.

Something we are honored to share in, is that part of the benefits from this run go to the Carol A. Johnson MD Family Medicine International Mission Scholarship. This scholarship provides funding for one resident each year to go on an international medical mission trip. It's a blessing to know that Carol's passion for sharing the gospel of Christ as well as meeting physical needs for others will be continued through these residents.

The race was a 5k run as well as a 1.5 mile walk. I really wanted to run but Dave took a look at my foot and told me I would be better off walking and not impacting my foot after having the cut I had. I got my race entry switched into Dave's name and he ran a 22:30ish 5k. He wasn't happy with his time as that is slow for him and I just eye roll. I'd love to run a 22:30! ;) He didn't train due to having a cold so I am sure that he will be faster after a bit of training.

All in all it was a really great day and I'm thankful we have this opportunity to remember Dave's Mom. I'm pretty sure I'm always delayed in grieving things because this year I have missed Carol more than ever. There are questions about her time in Burma I'd like to ask her. I'd love for her to know I married her son. I'd love for her to be at holidays with us. I'm sad for myself and for my family,  but I do know these feelings are part of life when someone is no longer here. But then I think of heaven and how great she has it and I'm so so glad for her! To be with Jesus in heaven will just be amazing and I'm so glad she is there with Him.

I don't have many pictures in this post because I made another video. It's been fun to make videos. Also, I'm trying to get familiar with it so I can make one for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. =)


  1. Oh man he's fast! That is a total eye roll moment. Ha!

  2. Good job with your video! I just watched it :) But what happens with the purple blank slides? That is so weird.

  3. Your pup in those sunglasses is just so cute! And Amanda already mentioned it up there, but the video is occasionally showing blank purple slides. I'm not sure what's happening there. Atta girl on getting used to making videos! It's such a fun way to look back on great moments! I have loved making ones from our Europe trip! :)

    I know what you mean about wanting to ask questions like that. Christopher's dad has dementia and it breaks my heart to think that he will never know his grandchildren here on earth. But heaven is going to be awesome for that reason.

    And wow, I'd feel like I was flying if I ran a 5k that fast, haha!