Bean Box - Specialty Coffee Beans Delivered Right to Your Front Door

For all my coffee loving friends out there, this post is for you!

For the past few months I have seen Bean Box pop up in my FB ads. I don't normally pay much attention to those but a box of specialty coffee beans, roasted within 48 hours, from Seattle, delivered right to my front door? I was sold!

After checking out more of Bean Box's website I e-mailed them and requested a box to try out in exchange for sharing about their products with you on my blog. They were gracious enough to accept my offer so today I'm here to share with you about this awesome company and to review the coffees I tried.

For starters, Bean Box has their marketing in tip top shape. The box I received was packaged very nicely and even had some coffee bean tape on the outside. Each sample of coffee was clearly labeled, it had the roast date listed, the strength of the coffee, a description of the coffee as well as where it came from. There was an insert in the box on how to brew your coffee to give the maximum flavor. I thought that was pretty helpful.

Each sample made two pots of my 4 cup Chemex, which equals out to 8 pots of coffee. It was nice to have enough of each to try twice to get the full taste test.

I love the little beans on the right so you can tell if the beans are strong or a medium roast. Clever idea!

Here is a little recap of each coffee I tried.

Ethiopian Sidama Shiocho -  by True North

This coffee was my absolute favorite. When I brewed it I thought it looked like tea and was a bit skeptical that it wouldn't be strong enough. However, after one sip, it was some of the smoothest most balanced coffee I've ever had. I ordered two 12 oz. packages of these beans because they were just that good! I highly recommend it.

Siena Blend - by Fonte´ Coffee Roaster

This was one of the stronger blends and if you are looking for a bold coffee this is it. I had two of my friends over, both who are Moms, and they decided this was a good strong Mom coffee. I also think this would be a really good espresso blend.

 Colombia Selecto 3 - by Herkimer Coffee

As soon as I opened the package the beans just smelt amazing. I know all you coffee lovers know what I'm talking about. This coffee was rich and bold but also balanced.

 Caffe Del Sol - Caffe Vita Coffee Roasting Co.

This coffee was very balanced. It was not too weak and not too strong.

I really enjoyed trying this out and I'm pretty sure I'll be a frequent customer of Bean Box. There are several ways you can enjoy these coffees: 

- 1 Month Sample - This gives you a chance to try it out and see if it is something you would want to do on a monthly basis. 

- Monthly Subscription - You can sign up to get a monthly box. If you sign up for a year in advance you get a bigger discount and you get a discount for a six month subscription as well. The great thing about this is that you can change the preference of the coffee you want, you can skip months or cancel at any time. Lastly, if you sign up for a subscription your first box is only $9.99 when you use the code AUTUMN999

Coffee Gifts - Not a coffee drinker? That's okay because you can buy a gift for someone or even a gift certificate so they can enjoy their own Bean Box. 

-Discounts - You get a 10% credit from your total purchase from Bean Box. You can also earn a $5 credit by referring a friend and you get $1 credit per coffee you review. 

All in all I give Bean Box two thumbs up! I think it would be a great addition to your coffees and I also thin it would be a really good Christmas gift. 

You can check out Bean Box directly from their website and they on Facebook as well! 

Have you heard of Bean Box before? 

Do you sample coffees before you buy them?

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