September Happenings

Hi, friends!

I thought I'd pop in and give you a little update on what's going on in our lives lately. I can hardly believe October is TOMORROW but I'm ready for all things fall! 

As many of you know the sewer replacement was a major happening this month. Looking back at how emotional I was that week makes me want to wear a cone of shame around my head. You know the Bible story where the disciples are on the boat with Jesus and the storm comes and they FREAK OUT? I always used to inwardly chide them for that ridiculous behavior until The Holy Spirit pointed out that I was just like them, except instead of a boat, it was a sewer replacement and mounds of dirt. It's scary how over the top emotional I can get when I take my eyes off Jesus.

For everyone who encouraged me that week and even after I can not thank you enough. It means a lot to me and I definitely need it.

Our yard is still a mess but it is much better. The massive dirt pile is settling and Dave has faithfully worked out there moving dirt.

This past week I received a pink hexagon bracelet I ordered from Michelle at Hecho a Mano Jewelry. She was super kind and threw in an extra bracelet along with a note of encouragement about our yard. I was so thankful for that encouragement because right before I checked the mail Dave and I had been discussing yard issues.

If you are looking for some cute bracelets I highly recommend Michelle and her shop.

I'm taking a Bible class this semester. It is a 3 year program and when you are done you get a Bible degree. You can pick up and leave off at different semesters, which is very convenient. Before I left for Korea in 2012 I completed semesters 3 and 4 and now I'm back taking semester 2.

The course goes through the entire Bible over the 3 years. You meet once a week for 3 hours and have 3 different sessions: The Old Testament, The New Testament and doctrine. This year we are doing Exodus through Joshua, The life of Christ and the book of Acts. There is a lot of reading to be done through the week but it is so good to be saturated with God's Word and His truth.

I'm loving the fall season! It finally cooled off here last week and has been wonderful. After missing fall and Christmas last year I'm really excited about it this year and have been decorating. I even made my own fall wreath this year. I normally get annoyed at Hobby Lobby for putting their Christmas decor out so early but this year? I love it!!! Bring on all the Christmas decor!

I finally started working out again! I can hardly believe it myself. It has been right at two years since I have consistently worked out. I remember my friend Pam, in Myanmar, asking me if I thought it would be hard to get back into working out. At the time I told her no but boy, I was wrong. It wasn't the physical part that was hard but the mental part. Big life changes take a lot of time to get through. 

Anyways, I had enough of not working out so I signed myself up for crossfit and two 5k races. I already ran one race and the next one is coming up in a week. It's been a lot of fun to run and I finally feel like I am in the groove of working out again, and it feels so so good! I'm no pro and I'm basically starting from scratch but that is okay. Something I think is funny is that at crossfit when they demonstrate the moves they usually grab my weighted bar to demonstrate because it has the lightest weights. ha! I do know that I'm building a foundation again and getting healthy will take time. I'd also rather do quality and build up rather than quantity (heavy weights) followed by an injury. 

This week at work there was an incident and I got a big fat cut on the bottom of my foot. It bled, a lot. I was shocked at how much blood came out but after a trip to the ER they just glued it back together and it is in the process of healing. I honestly wasn't too worried about the cut but I was sad because right after I felt like I was in a groove of working out I'm no longer able to until my foot heals. I am super thankful that it cut right where it did because if it had been a different angle I probably would have broken some toes. And I would show a picture but, that's gross and I'm not doing it.

I hope you all had a wonderful September. What was your favorite thing about this month AND what are you most looking forward to this fall? 


  1. Oh, hope your foot heals up fast! That doesn't sound fun! Glad your yard and sewer problem is finally on the mend!

  2. That is a pretty bracelet! I hope you don't feel too bad about your reaction to the sewer problem. That is really stressful! But I know what you mean: we should trust God and relax. I was just reading in Matthew last night about not being anxious about anything. I need to put that into practice a lot more. I'm working on it! I hope your foot heals fast. It seems like every time I get into a workout groove I get sick or go on vacation and everything is ruined again!

  3. Ugh, sewer replacement kind of sounds like it would be the worst! Sometimes I really wish that we were just in a house of our own already, but then I remind myself that if we were, and stuff like that happened, we would be the only ones responsible for it...and then I realize we're probably still good to put it off for a few years :)

    Sorry you had to go through that!

  4. Oh man! I'm glad your foot is healing. That sounds like an awful injury. I'm so glad it's not worse! I hope it heals quickly so you can get back to your gym routine that you are loving so much right now. :)

  5. It feels like every time I get into a groove working out, something happens like an injury and I have to start from scratch. I'm so sorry! I hope it heals quickly. I love what you said about Jesus and the disciples in the storm. I've been having a hard time keeping my eyes on Jesus lately, and it makes a world of difference in my life when I don't have that peace.

  6. Love the bracelet and all of the bright colors!!