Today I'm here to share some things I've seen and heard  lately. Some make my jaw drop and some are just opinions of mine. I keep thinking that some of these things are new since being back from Asia but let's be real, I've been back 9 months so this must just be new stuff happening.

These are also just my opinions. They aren't meant to be directed at one person but rather just some collective thoughts of things I have seen lately. 

1. Fundraising / Begging 

Okay, let me start by saying I understand that people beg because they have a difficult lot in life. This is not what I'm talking about. 

The begging I have seen was when I was driving down the road and saw a basketball team standing on the side of the road holding signs asking for money. I immediately wondered what happened to car washes where you actually earn money? Since when do you just hold a sign and expect everyone to drop their cash in your hand. I think the kids could learn so much more by doing some sort of job rather than just expecting a handout. It was also someone I knew from a long time ago that was directing this (don't worry she doesn't read my blog). I tried to secretly take a picture but then one of the kids was like "That girl is taking our picture!!!" Busted. Has anyone else seen this in their community? 

Dave and I like to give too so I'm not trying to sound stingy. We had someone ring our doorbell asking for a little bit of money and we could get a calendar for donating. I appreciated that because at least they are going door to door trying to sell something.

***update: After writing this post I was out and about and drove through that same intersection. Instead of basketball they now have football. AND, get this, they have their lawn chairs and just sit there. There were a couple of kids walking around too with their helmets asking for money. End of rant.

Speaking of money let's move to point number 2....

2. Go Fund Me

Seriously! I would love a Canon6D maybe I'll just start a Go Fund Me page. I 100% understand raising funds for a funeral or a medical expense but I feel like people slap up a Go Fund me page for just about anything. Then to top it off, after they ask for money they post about a vacation they went on or they post about a fancy restaurant they ate at. My jaw drops. I mean if you really needed that money what happened to savings? or picking up an extra shift or two at work? or perhaps eating at home rather than eating out.  I'm baffled you guys!

Again, I totally support the campaigns where the need is genuine.

3. Birth Stories / Hard Motherhood Tales

Okay, I know I might be walking a fine line when I write this one out but I hope you'll hear me out. It honestly really freaks me out when people write about or when people tell me every detail about their birth. I just don't think everyone needs to hear that. It especially freaks me out when women rage on about how their women parts are just never the same. The fear that that can create in someone like me who hasn't had a kid isn't fun. I don't mind talking to close friends and listening to them at all but I have had people I don't know well at all tell me some horrific stories and I honestly just don't even know how to reply??? What are your thoughts on this? Mom's how do you feel about telling your story?

The other part that gets me is when Mom's make a comment about how tired they are, how much they have been pooped and barfed on, how sleep deprived they are and can never do what they want again BUT they sure do love their baby! That does not help those of us who don't have kids. That freaks me out. Sometimes they will then ask or wonder about when we are having kids. I have no idea how to answer that. 

Lastly, birth pictures. Not okay. I get that a human entering the world is a miracle and I have indeed seen a birth in persona and it is a beautiful and sacred moment. What isn't sacred is when you post that picture on FB, especially graphic ones. Not okay, people.

Moving on.

4. Facebook

FB baffles me. I just can't make up my mind about it. However, here is something I notice: people will post how busy and tired they are followed by 20 million more posts. I wonder if the logged off of FB if they would rest and be able to tackle their busy life? Just a thought.

5. Online Grocery Shopping

This is a new thing happening in Kansas. Youc an go on-line and order your groceries and just pick them up. You can also order your Starbucks on-line now too so maybe you could do a coffee grocery run at the same time. 

I think this is a great thing for someone that is handicap or has an injury. I also think it is a great thing for working Moms as this would utilize time with their kids at home verses the grocery store. However, part of me just doesn't like that our society is so 'order on my app and pick it up'. I mean we don't even have time to walk into Starbucks or heaven forbid, drive thru and get a cup of coffee? I also don't understand what is so hard about getting in your car, driving to the store, walking through some aisles, placing things in your cart, having someone bag it and then you drive those things home?

I think part of my opinion on this comes from living abroad. Grocery shopping in most countries is not easy. Just getting out of your apartment requires much more effort (think pad locks and gates) to weaving through crowds, finding a taxi, walking, shopping, hauling your groceries to finding another taxi, getting home and then having to bag and freeze everything that same day before it goes bad. And to be honest, I'm so thankful for those experiences. It taught me to be grateful.

If I get to the point where I'm ordering everything on-line then I hope I move back to Burma for a reality check. Not kidding either. 

Side note: I will say that Walmart has a $10 off of $50 right now with on-line shopping so that is a $10 savings and I'm all about coupons and savings. Plus, if you combined that with Ibotta coupons and Checkout51 your bill could be super cheap.

Again, if ordering on-line is for you then that is your choice and is totally fine. I'm just voicing my opinion.

6. Burmese Earthquake

Okay, this is kind of random but last week Burma had an earthquake. Did you heat about it? It was actually bigger than the one in Italy but caused less damage because it was in a remote village called Bagan. Dave and I have visited Bagan and you know what is there? Thousands and thousands of evil Buddhist temples. Seriously, you can feel Satanic presence when you walk in there. Well, last week the earthquake knocked the tops off of around 200 of those temples and I have to tell you, I was so glad! I feel like Satan got a kick and that is always a good thing. Dave and I visited those exact temples that got knocked over. Here is a picture.

And that is the conclusion of my opinions, for today. =) Feel free to comment with what you think about the things I've shared about. Even if you view something completely different I'm up for hearing about it. 


  1. Very interesting about Burma... love that!

  2. Yes and yes and yes! The fundraising stuff is OUT OF CONTROL. I saw someone on Facebook who started a GoFundMe and begged people to pay off his student loans. YOU TOOK OUT THOSE LOANS. You pay them back! I was so annoyed.

    I felt the exact same way you did about birth stories before having a baby. They annoyed me. And then something about giving birth made me want to write it and connect with other moms that way. However, I completely agree that people share some incredibly graphic details that should be not be included. I tried not to share anything graphic in mine, just the facts. I also agree about birth pictures. I would never ever post those online!

    I heard a Christian bemoaning the fallen temples in Burma, and it kind of shocked me. I like you perspective much more :)

  3. I totally agree with you! The GoFundMe one gets me every time. I was super hesitant for posting mine to send a box of school supplies to Peru, for the same reason you stated: traveling. However, I will say I do most of my traveling for free or super cheap because of traveling with students. EF tours treats their teachers well haha! And FB I seriously can't deal with some stuff on there anymore.

  4. So is it weird that I like birth stories? I think it's the part of me that wants to be prepared for ANYTHING. That way when someday in the future I hear something has to change with my birth plan, I can be at ease knowing that someone else I knew had the same thing happen and their baby was fine. I don't like graphic images, but I don't mind the details in writing (maybe I don't have a vivid enough imagination, haha).

    I'm with you on the kids just hanging out asking for money thing. So weird! There haven't been many things in my life that I've raised money for, but when I did, you better believe it was via a car wash or baby sitting or yard work etc.