A Little Update

Hi! Hi!

I'm just popping in to say hi and do a little update on what's been going on over here.

Dave has been working some intense work hours these past few months but this month, his schedule had a gap in it, so we headed to Colorado to do some camping and hiking. I went 5 days without showering. FIVE! All I have to say are two words: dry shampoo!

It was one of the most relaxed trips we have had together. Our trip down the west coast this past year was scenic but I was very stressed out coming back from Asia and not having a home to come home to. I'm super thankful for a home. It's so nice to see new sights but to be able to come home when we are done traveling.

I plan on sharing some more about our trip soon. I want to put a video together (thanks to Amanda for the inspiration) and our budget for this trip as well as share some pictures and places we stayed. 

This past month I interviewed for a different job. It was a great job as an Office Manager but it required 40-50 hours a week + some weekends, and that just isn't for me right now. I am staying at the Y and they are giving me some more office responsibilities like scheduling and helping coordinate the swim lesson program. It was stressful not knowing which direction I was supposed to go but I finally got on my knees and asked God for direction. That same afternoon the job I interviewed for called and told me it wouldn't work since I couldn't do full time. I was so thankful for an answer and I know God wants me at the Y. Something that I thought about over and over was that the Y is a place where I can interact with people more and will have more opportunities to minister to families and show them Christ's love. I'm thankful God opens and closes doors.

Is anyone else a bit sad the Olympics are over? I loved loved loved watching them. I wish you could see the disgusted look on my face right now as I type out the word - football. Come soon February. Can we just have Olympics from August - February instead of lameball?

Today the pool in our area had a fund rasier for the Kansas Humane Society. You could pay $10 and your dog could swim and swim. Static loves to swim so I took her. She enjoyed every aspect of it, except all the other dogs around. She acted like they were dead to her. It was funny.

Lastly, Dave and I went to Denver Botanical Gardens and there aren't enough heart eye emojis for the flower love. Seriously! Flowers, everywhere. It was great. So I leave you with a flower picture, unedited. God makes beautiful things.

How have you been?

Are you excited about fall? I am!


  1. Colby JUST asked me if I was sad about the Olympics and my answer? YES! So sad. It got me through the past few weeks!

    Glad you got a getaway.. way to go (5 days) WHEW!

  2. I think actually having a real home to return to after traveling makes all the difference in the vacation experience! We'd love to go to Colorado someday!

  3. This is so inspiring! I love the post:)