A Roundup + My Birthday Month

Today I'm sharing a roundup of some fun things I've found on-line. I love it when other people compile their favorite things around the web so I thought I'd share mine. 

When the Mission Field Comes to You - I really liked this article. It talks about how we have an opportunity to share Christ with the many Muslims infiltrating our country. I know it is a huge political debate, and I don't agree with the way the current administration has done things but the truth is, those from other countries, specifically the Muslims, are here. So let's take this opportunity to be kind and show them Jesus and His gospel.

Blueberry Lemonade! I will be making this soon. My Mom and I went blueberry picking last week and I have 7 pounds of blueberries to devour. Trust me, it wont' take me long. Also, if you shop at Aldi they have blueberries for $.99 now. 

I in no way, shape or form have ever been able to make bread until I found this homemade artisan bread recipe. Seriously! It's so easy! You have 4 ingredients, throw them in a pot, let it rise for 8-24 hours and bake it. It's super delicious too & there is a fun time lapse video of this bread.

Speaking of time lapse videos Tasty is killing me! I have a bunch of their recipes saved. I should probably just make a 'Tasty' board in Pinterest. I really want to make these steak and potato nachos. Get in my belly!

If you are a coffee lover, or even if you aren't, you should check out this Instagram picture. This guy makes rainbow colored coffee with milk foam and it is pretty awesome! 

Also, it is July, which means it is my birthday month. I normally have a massive birthday list but this year I only had 5 items on there, okay 6 items if you add in Farm Girl Flowers.

1. A utility cart from Ikea. I plan to put this in my kitchen as a coffee cart.

2. A giftcard to Word Market

3. This kettle

4. Money for a new camera bag. Mine is 3+ years old and is way too small. I can smash everything in there but it isn't the best for camera gear to do that. All you camera people out there, what bag do you have? A lot of people have recommended LowePro and I have seen one or two bags from there that I think would work great. Any other recommendations? I saw this camera bag on Etsy and thought it was so cute.

5. A giftcard to The Spice Merchant. TSM is a local shop in town that roasts their own coffee, sells spices, has a tea shop and so much more! It's one of my favorite stores in town.

6. Farm Girl Flowers -  I love everything about these flowers and my sister and I chat about them often and how awesome they are. #flowernerds

For my birthday I am giving myself two gifts: no Facebook for a while and I'm taking a calligraphy class. The no FB is because it's just too much to read all the harsh opinions everyone posts and to be honest, it is down right discouraging at times. I could elaborate but I think you all understand this one. I think I could better spend my time praying or reading rather than getting fired up about people's posts.

The calligraphy class was a $20 class I purchased through Skillshare in 2013 and I'm just now getting around to taking it. I'm excited to learn something new.

How is July going for you? 

What are you looking forward to this month? 

Has anyone made a recipe from Tasty? If so, how did it turn out? 


  1. Blueberry lemonade sounds so good! I might have to try and make some this weekend. And happy birthday month! I hope it's a good one :)

  2. That bread recipe is nearly identical to the one I make, and I LOVE it. I want to start experimenting with different kinds of bread now, but it's scary.

  3. I love your birthday list. That is so fun!! Hope you have a wonderful birthday month

  4. The tasty recipes are killing me too! They just look so easy and delicious!

  5. That blueberry lemonade looks absolutely incredible!!

  6. Happy birthday month, friend! It's my birthday month too! Twinsies! :)

    I love homemade artisan bread! So delicious!

    And I use a camera bag insert that I just put in whatever cute bag I want. I have a cross body leather purse/bag from Target that I put an insert in and then also a cute striped backpack that I put an insert in. I like being able to pick a cute bag on the cheap and just put an insert in it to make it a camera bag! :)

  7. Yay birthday month! I hope you enjoy your calligraphy class :) Those blueberries look good! I hope I get to go picking sometime.