31st Birthday Recap

I'm officially 31, so happy Birthday to me!

I know you all know, but I love my birthday! 31 was (overall) a fun one to celebrate.

I will tell you that my birthday week started with a mini sewer explosion in our basement. Thankfully it is unfinished but let me just tell you, it was so gross! I'll spare you the details. We got our sewer line snaked except that didn't work so then they informed us that the sewer line is indeed broken and has to be replaced. Let me explain what they mean by replaced: they have to dig a hole in our basement, a 15' deep trench in our backyard and put a new sewer line in. And if you are wondering, it isn't cheap, like several+ thousand dollars not cheap. Anyways, as terrible as that all sounds, hard things come in life and there could be worse things. I'm working with insurance as well as searching around for various plumbers because $1,000 difference in an estimate is a lot of money. 

Tuesday evening we went with David's family to a fancy fish restaurant in town. My brother-in-law, who is also celebrating a July birthday, loves that restaurant and took us all there. We had a private dining room, which is nice because Dave gave a speech impersonating Donald Trump about making birthdays great again and how we would get Mexico to pay for it. ha ha! He also hand made birthday cards of each Trump, Bernie and Hillary and they were all hilarious. 

I was going to sleep in on Friday but our doorbell rang early. I initially thought it was a plumber but it wasn't! It was a delivery from Farm Girl Flowers. If you haven't heard of them you can thank me now. 

Friday night I went to dinner with the girls. We went to an Italian restaurant by my house that serves the best italian nachos. The chips are fried pasta noodles and pourabout 1 cup of melted cheese and slather it all over those nachos. So good!  

After dinner a photographer friend of mine, Jenny, was nice enough to snap a few pictures of us before we got dessert. It was a lot of fun and I'm glad we stopped for a bit to take some photos. 

Saturday, on my official birthday day, I got up early and went to breakfast with my Dad for a green chili burrito. Yum! We then went to the Farmer's Market and my Dad got me some flowers. After that, Dave took me to a small town about 45 minutes from Wichita, called Hutchinson. We went to a nature center, some antique shops, ate Mexican, went to an art gallery and tried to hike. It was 100+ degrees and the trails weren't super great and I just wasn't feeling up to a hike. I went back to the car while Dave ran and then we came back home. It was fun to spend time with Dave and get away. 

Dave and I liked these plant / flower or whatever the heck this thing is...

 Sunday, we ate hamburgers and had family over for DQ Ice cream cake. Of course, Dave wore his 'Make Birthdays Great Again' hat and it just really cracked me up.

The 31st birthday was a good one (minus the sewer explosion)! Thanks for celebrating with me.