Home Tour: The Living Room

It's time to show you all some more of our house! I first showed you our guest bathroom (ha!) and today I'm going to show you our living room. I will tell you where I got things from but just know in advance this is not a sponsored post.

As many of you know I painted our door! I still really like it bright and cheery teal! The monogram was a gift from my sister-in-law and I think it is so fun. The entrance rug was around $12 from AtHome. If you have never visited that store and you own a home you should check it out! It's so fun! 

To the right of the door is a cedar chest and a closet. The artwork came from one of Dave's medical mission trips to Haiti. 

I do have to tell you about this cedar chest! It was my grandma's (my Dad's Mom). My Dad has had it in the garage for a while and he said I could have it. We went through it and it was fun to see all of her things. I found her hat and purse that she wore on her wedding day. I kept the purse and I thought it was hilarious because when I opened it I found two bobby pins in it. Me and bobby pins just go together and you can always find bobby pins in my things or on my floors. Just ask my Mom or Dave. They know all about me and bobby pins because they are always the ones that find them. =) Anyways, I refinished the cedar chest, which was a learning process for me, but I'm really happy with how it turned out and I love having a family heirloom piece. 

The sunflower painting is one that Dave and his Mom picked out in Burma. It's Kansas and Burma in one painting.

Here is a wide angle shot of the living room and dining room. Yes, we do have a lot of windows. I think the entire house has 23, and I do love all the natural light. 

The rug was purchased on clearance at Pier 1. I had no idea rugs were so expensive so a good deal was a must. The couch was Dave's and we were hoping it would fit into his TV room but old houses don't come with wide door frames so it didn't fit and is now in the living room. It's comfortable but I don't love how it looks...but I am sitting on it right now to blog so I can't complain too much =).

The piano! This piano also belonged to Dave's Mom. When she passed away we sold many of her things and this was also sold. At the time I had no where to store it so I couldn't keep it. However, our friends at church purchased it and it has literally sat in a room at church unplayed for the last 3 years. I asked them if I could purchase it back and they were so gracious and gave it to me. I have been playing the piano a lot lately and it has been really fun and I also hope to start teaching piano lessons soon. The artwork is also from Burma and if you are wondering, that is what the villages look like today. I'm so glad we were in the city! 

The fireplace! I love the fireplace, even if it isn't a working one. I added string lights because old houses apparently don't have an overhead light in the living room, weird! So I have string lights and a lamp. I still want to add some more to this fireplace because it just doesn't feel complete but it will come with time. Do you have any suggestions?

I will also add that I am so excited for Christmas and holidays to decorate! I already have our mantle decorated in my mind for Christmas! =)

The candle holders are actually cupcake holders that will have to work for now until I get something else figured out. The canvas print is from Hobby Lobby and I picked it because Dave and I still sing the doxology together at home sometimes. And no, we wont' sing it if you visit because that would be weird.

And I love love love this window! It's just beautiful and lets a lot of light in.

And lastly, I'm sure you noticed we have no TV in here. I told Dave I didn't want our living room to have one. When people come over I hope to visit rather than watching TV. I do love me some TV but I wanted to try and be intentional when people came over. 

Have any questions about our place? Let me know! Next week I hope to show you our master bedroom and our kitchen the week after. 

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  1. Looks great, Beka! The chest looks awesome. Great job refinishing it! I love the artwork you have up too :) I'm glad you are able to play the piano again!

  2. I love it!!! And all of the stories that go along with the items!

    We have an old house too, so I hear ya on the fireplace & no overhead lights :)

    I hope you guys are awesome!!

  3. it looks so cute and cozy! :) i love the white painted fireplace, even if it doesn't work!!

  4. Lovely! I love all the windows, too. Houses are just better with more and bigger windows. :) I love the story and history behind your cedar chest. We haven't had a tv at all since moving overseas and I kind of like the life. Granted, my parents do have a tv and we like watching movies with my siblings at their house...so we still get our fix, haha!