His Understanding is Infinite - A word of Hope for Hard Times

A few months ago in Bible study we were discussing things (I can't remember exactly what now) and one of my friends shared something that has stuck with me for the last several months.

She first off read us Psalm 147:5 - "Great is our Lord, and of great power: his understanding is infinite." She told us about a time when someone in her family died and many people kept sending her Psalm 147:3, where it talks about God binding up our wounds and healing the broken and hearted, but she said she kept on reading and that this verse about God's understanding being infinite really spoke to her. She said that it meant a lot because every person reacted and felt differently during this hard time. She also said that she took great comfort in the fact that God knew exactly how each person felt and could help them right where they were at.

She made a really good point that I hope to practice. She said said she tries to never say, "I know how you are feeling," because often we can't truly know exactly how someone feels but we can point them to the One who has infinite understanding about their situation.

I think God just knew I needed that truth and it has resonated with me for these past few months. Lately, I've been pondering that entire verse and realized how good of a verse it is to remember as I go through hard times. The first part emphasizes that God is great. It actually says Lord, which reminds me that He is in control of my situations. Also, wouldn't that just help us in any trial if we could just remember that one truth? The Lord is great. He is greater than our problems, greater than any trouble we could face, HE IS Great! 

Not only is God great but He is of great power. He has power to change the sinners heart. He has power to help you on your hard days. He has power to move in our day to day situations. He has the power. 

Lastly, His understanding is infinite. He knows!!! He knows exactly what I'm going through and He knows exactly what you are going through. It's comforting to know that someone knows me really really well!  

So wherever you are today I hope you will be reminded that The Lord is great, He is powerful and His understanding about us and our situations is infinite. 

What verse do you cling to during hard times? 
Who can you share this verse with today to encourage them?


  1. This was super thought-provoking. It's so comforting to know that!

  2. What a beautiful reminder. I love this! I also take great comfort in knowing that His understanding really is infinite. How quick I am to forget it!

  3. Wooow, so convicted and inspired by this! It's so easy to connect with people based on our personal experiences, which is good too, but it is always most important to point them back to God and his understanding! That is so true. And I forget that - his understanding is infinite! Such a beautiful thought. I can skim over passages like this and think, "yep, I know" and not stop to really take it in, like you did here. Love it.

  4. Thank you for passing on a lesson learned and expounded upon. I needed this today. His understanding is infinite...He knows exactly where I am at, He knows every crevice of this hole I am in and He is sitting with(in) me. Thanks for sharing His Truth that was read fresh today.