Home Tour: The Living Room

It's time to show you all some more of our house! I first showed you our guest bathroom (ha!) and today I'm going to show you our living room. I will tell you where I got things from but just know in advance this is not a sponsored post.

As many of you know I painted our door! I still really like it bright and cheery teal! The monogram was a gift from my sister-in-law and I think it is so fun. The entrance rug was around $12 from AtHome. If you have never visited that store and you own a home you should check it out! It's so fun! 

To the right of the door is a cedar chest and a closet. The artwork came from one of Dave's medical mission trips to Haiti. 

I do have to tell you about this cedar chest! It was my grandma's (my Dad's Mom). My Dad has had it in the garage for a while and he said I could have it. We went through it and it was fun to see all of her things. I found her hat and purse that she wore on her wedding day. I kept the purse and I thought it was hilarious because when I opened it I found two bobby pins in it. Me and bobby pins just go together and you can always find bobby pins in my things or on my floors. Just ask my Mom or Dave. They know all about me and bobby pins because they are always the ones that find them. =) Anyways, I refinished the cedar chest, which was a learning process for me, but I'm really happy with how it turned out and I love having a family heirloom piece. 

The sunflower painting is one that Dave and his Mom picked out in Burma. It's Kansas and Burma in one painting.

Here is a wide angle shot of the living room and dining room. Yes, we do have a lot of windows. I think the entire house has 23, and I do love all the natural light. 

The rug was purchased on clearance at Pier 1. I had no idea rugs were so expensive so a good deal was a must. The couch was Dave's and we were hoping it would fit into his TV room but old houses don't come with wide door frames so it didn't fit and is now in the living room. It's comfortable but I don't love how it looks...but I am sitting on it right now to blog so I can't complain too much =).

The piano! This piano also belonged to Dave's Mom. When she passed away we sold many of her things and this was also sold. At the time I had no where to store it so I couldn't keep it. However, our friends at church purchased it and it has literally sat in a room at church unplayed for the last 3 years. I asked them if I could purchase it back and they were so gracious and gave it to me. I have been playing the piano a lot lately and it has been really fun and I also hope to start teaching piano lessons soon. The artwork is also from Burma and if you are wondering, that is what the villages look like today. I'm so glad we were in the city! 

The fireplace! I love the fireplace, even if it isn't a working one. I added string lights because old houses apparently don't have an overhead light in the living room, weird! So I have string lights and a lamp. I still want to add some more to this fireplace because it just doesn't feel complete but it will come with time. Do you have any suggestions?

I will also add that I am so excited for Christmas and holidays to decorate! I already have our mantle decorated in my mind for Christmas! =)

The candle holders are actually cupcake holders that will have to work for now until I get something else figured out. The canvas print is from Hobby Lobby and I picked it because Dave and I still sing the doxology together at home sometimes. And no, we wont' sing it if you visit because that would be weird.

And I love love love this window! It's just beautiful and lets a lot of light in.

And lastly, I'm sure you noticed we have no TV in here. I told Dave I didn't want our living room to have one. When people come over I hope to visit rather than watching TV. I do love me some TV but I wanted to try and be intentional when people came over. 

Have any questions about our place? Let me know! Next week I hope to show you our master bedroom and our kitchen the week after. 

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His Understanding is Infinite - A word of Hope for Hard Times

A few months ago in Bible study we were discussing things (I can't remember exactly what now) and one of my friends shared something that has stuck with me for the last several months.

She first off read us Psalm 147:5 - "Great is our Lord, and of great power: his understanding is infinite." She told us about a time when someone in her family died and many people kept sending her Psalm 147:3, where it talks about God binding up our wounds and healing the broken and hearted, but she said she kept on reading and that this verse about God's understanding being infinite really spoke to her. She said that it meant a lot because every person reacted and felt differently during this hard time. She also said that she took great comfort in the fact that God knew exactly how each person felt and could help them right where they were at.

She made a really good point that I hope to practice. She said said she tries to never say, "I know how you are feeling," because often we can't truly know exactly how someone feels but we can point them to the One who has infinite understanding about their situation.

I think God just knew I needed that truth and it has resonated with me for these past few months. Lately, I've been pondering that entire verse and realized how good of a verse it is to remember as I go through hard times. The first part emphasizes that God is great. It actually says Lord, which reminds me that He is in control of my situations. Also, wouldn't that just help us in any trial if we could just remember that one truth? The Lord is great. He is greater than our problems, greater than any trouble we could face, HE IS Great! 

Not only is God great but He is of great power. He has power to change the sinners heart. He has power to help you on your hard days. He has power to move in our day to day situations. He has the power. 

Lastly, His understanding is infinite. He knows!!! He knows exactly what I'm going through and He knows exactly what you are going through. It's comforting to know that someone knows me really really well!  

So wherever you are today I hope you will be reminded that The Lord is great, He is powerful and His understanding about us and our situations is infinite. 

What verse do you cling to during hard times? 
Who can you share this verse with today to encourage them?


Life Lately #34 - Family Time, My Favorite Smoothie and I Backed my Car into a Pole


My family was in town for 19 days and it was awesome! There was no way I was blogging during that time because family time is precious but now I'm back and want to check in with you all!

It's officially summer in Kansas. It has been in the 100's this past week and is super hot! I thought I'd do a little Life Lately round up today to fill you in on what has been going on in our lives these past few weeks.

1 - I've decided that friends that have matching shirts stay together. Right? ;) Actually a while ago we went to KC and were at the Gap Outlet. I found this shirt that I loved and my good friend tried it on too. Well, she took my shirt and purchased it for herself and I didn't realize until I got home. So the next time she was at the Gap Outlet she picked me up one and now we match. ha!

2 - My granny got to meet her great granddaughter. It was precious! I'm so thankful I still have my granny around. She is one neat lady.

3 - My doors were a burnt red and that color just wasn't me so I painted all three doors teal. They look lovely and I'm happy with how they turned out.

4 - 6 - My nephew and niece. Seriously! They melt my heart.

7 - I backed into a pole. There is not a feeling to describe how ridiculous and awful I felt for backing into a pole. It was 100% my fault too and I even have a camera and a dinger for when I get near something. There were several contributing factors but I was sending a text when I did this. Cone of shame moment that cost $300. =(

8 - Do you love smoothies? Then I have the best recipe for you: frozen blueberries, 1/2 & 1/2, yogurt and local lavender honey. Sooooo good! I've made this multiple times and love it. I can't tell you measurements because I just dump stuff in until it tastes good.

9 - VINES!!! I hate them! That little patch is behind our garage. Just a couple of months ago I could walk back there and then BAM! Vines! Everywhere. They are already growing up the back of our garage and are so hideous. I cut out all the vines behind and beside our house as well as the ones going up our neighbors fence and now I need to tackle this area in the back. Whoever planted vines here previously had a terrible terrible idea! Has anyone had any luck getting rid of vines?

Other than that we are figuring out what day to day life looks like for us. Dave's work schedule is all over the place, some days he works mornings and some days he works a weird 5pm - 3am shift, so that has been an adjustment. I'm starting to work in the morning and evening which puts me in the pool for about 5 hours, and lets just say I permanently smell like chlorine. 

Believe it or not we are still adjusting from moving back from Asia. Not so much cultural wise but just starting life over and to be honest it's been down right hard at times. For example, Dave's work offers health insurance. For him it is $23 per month (awesome!!!) and to add me on it goes up to $590 a month (not so awesome). So, I've been searching far and wide to find insurance for myself. Obamafail (also known as Obamacare) has made it extra difficult, don't even get met started. If anyone has any good insurance recommendations please do share. This past week we finally got our DL switched from OK to KS and now we need to get car titles and tags. Things do get done it has just been a longer process than what we expected. 

How has your summer been so far? What has been your favorite part?  Have you ever painted the doors in your house? If so, what color?

And please do share your favorite smoothie recipes! 

PS - IT'S ONE MONTH UNTIL MY BIRTHDAY!!! HOORAY! I do indeed have a birthday list started already =)


Currently - June

Happy 1st day of June! I'm so excited for summer and all it brings. I love warm weather and long days. I'm joining in today for another round of Currently hosted by the lovely Jenna and Anne.

Currently in June

Planning - for the arrival of family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, I did just put that many exclamation points for all you grammar people. You're welcome. 

My sister-in-law, nephew and niece are coming for 3 weeks in June. I'm so excited! Actually, I'm more than excited!!! My sister-in-law here, as well as some friends have lent us all things baby and child related. I'm so grateful because I don't own any of that stuff. And my family will be staying at my house for a while so it is nice to have things here so they won't have to transport it. 

Enjoying - The local Farmer's Market. I absolutely love Farmer's Markets and I'm happy to tell you that Wichita has several to choose from. On Wednesdays there is a small market near my house. I've purchased fresh coffee, strawberries and local honey from there. On Saturdays there is a bigger market downtown and they have a coffee truck (which is awesome!!!!), produce, cooking demonstartiosn and my favorite, a flower booth. Check out this awesome bouquet of flowers I got for $5! So pretty. 

Buying - barstools from Wayfair. Our friend has lent us his barstools until we purchased our own. I was wanting some adjustable ones so they can go with us to our next house. And no, we don't plan on moving soon, I think I just have the mentality that I will and therefor purchase things that are functionable for wherever we go. I knew that I wanted a white, adjustable bar stool with a full back that was padded and comfortable. I've been eying these since mid March and they had a big sale so I purchased them and they should be here Friday. 

Craving - Tea. Need I say more? ha ha! I keep talking about tea on the blog because it's so good. My go to lately has been jasmine with local lavender honey. 

Spiritually speaking I've been craving to study The Bible more on my own. I think studies are good but there is something to be said about diving into The Word, researching and allowing The Holy Spirit to show you things. 

I've also been craving to make some sort of my own Bible tract to share the gospel with others. I have a project in mind and hope to tackle that soon. I've been convicted that I haven't been gospel oriented here in America and that definitely needs to change. 

Pinning - ideas for craft projects for my mantle. I've also tried this buttermilk blueberry breakfast cake twice and it's been a hit! It's soooo good, especially with some tea or coffee ;) And I can't forget the PW's blueberry rolls. I've made those three or four times and I will make them again soon. 

What do you have planned for the month of June? 

Do you go to a local Farmer's Market?