My First Family Photo Shoot That Wasn't My Family

If I could tell you one of the main reason I wanted to move back to Wichita, it would be for this friend right here. 

I met Kirsten back in 2008 through our jobs at the Hyatt. We hit it off right away and have been really good friends since then. I met her before she started dating Daniel and it has been fun to see her get married and now become a Mom. She has also gone through some deep trials this past year and still manages to smile and take the time to care for her family and friends, and I admire that a lot in her. 

This was my first time officially taking family portraits for anyone other than family. I am used to landscape and floral photography so I was a bit nervous but it turned out so well. Daniel and Kirsten like to smile and laugh a lot. They were naturals in front of the camera. Their baby, although he didn't nap that day, was super smiley and happy. He did a great job and I think his pictures are pretty cute. 

It's been really fun to be able to share the gift of photography with friends and I'm thankful for the opportunity to do that.

If you are a photographer, any positive feedback or constructive criticism would be much appreciated.

When was the last time you had your family pictures taken? 

Which photo was your favorite? Why?