Currently - May

Today I'm linking up with Jenna and Anne for the Currently link up where we get a peek into everyone's lives. 

Currently in May


The warmer weather. The blooming flowers. I love this time of year. After Burma I have tried to not complain about weather but I do admit I love the warmer weather more and I'm glad it is here. 


I've been a slacker lately. I'm currently, at a turtle's pace, reading the 6th book in The Zion Chronicles series. It's really good. 

I did listen to an amazing audio book about Jake DeShazer that had me on the edge of my seat, crying laughing and just in awe of his story and what God did through him. Long story short but Jake was taken captive during WWII by the Japanese. He was treated terribly but ended up becoming a Christian in prison and went back to Japan to share Christ with many many people. One man he worked with in Japan, who also became a Christian, was one of the men who was in charge of leading the raid on Pearl Harbor. It was really neat to hear all the things God did through Jake. 


Jesus. I'm trying to keep my eyes on Him and not on circumstances that are sometimes hard. 


I have a confession. Burma somehow changed my love for coffee and I blame that on their amazing teas!!! It's so weird though because I've never not loved and craved coffee all the time. When I first got back to the US I couldn't even drink coffee because all I wanted was tea. Now, after having drank really good tea, I'm a tea snob. 

Thankfully I have some jasmine tea from Burma and there is a tea shop in town that sells good teas as well. I bought jasmine tea from there so I could compare the Burmese tea to the one I purchased here. Just in case you are wondering the tea from Burma is better but the one sold here is a pretty close runner up. So, pretty much I've been sipping on Jasmine tea a lot! I like it hot or cold and at night I add in local honey (for allergies). During the day I'll add in some fresh mint and it's just so good! 

To my coffee friends, I still drink coffee. It's just more like 3-5 times a week instead of 2-3 times daily. 


On a road trip with my sister and two of my good friends. We have talked about this trip while I was still in Asia so it will be really fun to go and have some girl time. We are headed to KC and plan to eat and shop our hearts out. 

What has been your favorite part about May? 

Do you love tea? If so, what is your favorite? 

What are you reading right now? Do you have any good recommendations?


  1. Aww, a road trip with the sister sounds like it'll be really fun! I've always had this dream of growing up and vacationing with my siblings...the problem is that all my siblings seem to be taking a while to grow up. haha! My sister is home from college for the summer and we're trying to convince mom to let us take a quick trip to Singapore by ourselves. Safest country in the world and she's still not sure she should let her 24 and 19 year old daughters take a trip by themselves. ahahaha!

    Pretty much the only hot drink I love is hot chocolate or Milo. I like cold tea, though, and I don't like anything with even a hint of coffee.

  2. I bet your road trip will be really fun! That is funny about coffee and tea. I've never been much of a coffee drinker myself, and I bet after drinking some delicious teas you have a better taste for that!

  3. Girl! So fun. I love trips :) My favorite thing about the month is WARM Weather! Even though that has been the case recently too!

  4. Tulips are my favorite - great photos! And the girl trip sounds perfect - enjoy. Thanks for linking up!

  5. The story about Jake DeShazer sounds awesome!

  6. Girl, every time I come to your blog I read something that just touches my heart and makes me want to be a better person. Your response to "pondering" is really touching. I've been doing a lot of complaining lately, instead of seeking God and searching for answers and peace through Him. You've reminded me that He is my comfort and the only one who can really answer these big questions/concerns.

    Thank you, Beka!