A walk around our Neighborhood

A couple of weeks ago a dear friend of mine came over to my house and we took our cameras and walked the neighborhood where I live in. We took lots of pictures of the houses in the area and just had a good time walking, until the rain came, then we bolted home because of our cameras. 

Let me tell you why I love this neighborhood: it's super old and charming and there are no two houses alike. There are small bungalows in the area to million dollar mansions. 

I've lived in this neighborhood before but I've spent more time walking the blocks and getting to know this area more now that we have a home here. 

Something else I recently discovered is that there are miniature library boxes sprinkled throughout the neighborhood. I can take a book for free and put one of my old books in there. It's fun. 

Here are a few of the pictures that I took in this area. 

I have always loved this house because, can you see that amazing library behind those two big windows? I've never seen anyone reading in there, and yes, every time I walk or drive by I look. It looks so cozy though. 

I call this the KU house. It's a KU blue and they have a big KU flag. I went to take a picture of the flag but the owners drove up and it was awkward. ha ha!

I've nicknamed this house The Great Expectations house. I don't think anyone lives here but they do have a sad looking Golden Retriever that sleeps there with a sign that says 'beware of dog'. I kind of want to steal the dog but I'm sure Dave wouldn't allow it ;) .

I love the yard in this house. The landscaping is super pretty and I love the monogramed letter on their door. 

The dinosaur house... 

The 1920's mansion.

Have you ever walked your neighborhood and taken pictures?
Which house was your favorite?
Do you prefer older homes or newer ones?


  1. those street signs are so cool & i love every single house! so many unique looks! :)
    i love the dinosaur house haha

  2. Oh how beautiful! That first one..and that library- AMAZING! I love the charm and look of old homes, so many great stories to tell.

  3. Oh wow! That's a beautiful neighborhood!