A Cookout with Dave's Side of the Family

I know I keep saying this over and over on my blog, and now, I'll say it again: I'm so thankful to be home so Dave and I can spend time with family. It's such a blessing and I hope I never take it for granted. 

My brother-in-law and sister-in-law recently purchased some land that they plan to eventually build a house on. From time to time we go out to the land with them and walk the property. This past weekend we went out there for a hotdog & s'mores cookout. 

There is a fire pit area and we gathered sticks from around the area and built a huge bon fire. We ate and visited and it was so much fun! Their land also has a big peony bush that they let me take and I split that with my other sister-in-law. 

It's also amazing how much fun the little things in life can be when kids are around. Aidan was a lot of fun at the cookout too. 

I had no idea my husband was a pyro maniac but apparently he is...

Hopefully Aidan will just enjoy from a distance and not follow in Uncle Dave's pyro footsteps. ;)

I have no idea why Dave did this but it cracks me up. 

Yes, I do realize hotdogs are supposedly unhealthy for you but who can say no to an all beef one filled with cheese? So good!


We think this picture of Static is funny. She isn't supposed to beg nor does she like pictures so she refused to look at the camera.

We tried to re-create the picture that we took of Aidan as a newborn.


  1. Aww! It's especially sweet to be with family after so long being away, isn't it? True, no one eat marshmallows and hot dogs for the health aspect but for the fun of it and of a bonfire. I miss our big bonfires in Michigan!

  2. You guys are all so adorable! So glad you are close in proximity to family now!

  3. What a beautiful fam! I need a smore. Stat :)