Speaking The Hard Truths into Other People's Lives

How often do we speak hard truths into other people's lives? It's easy to tell people that God loves them, and He does. It is easy to tell them that He comforts in time of need and many other really important truths. But how often do we, in a loving way, tell our family and friends who aren't Christians that God has a law and they have broken it?

When Dave and I were traveling the west coast this past winter I stayed in the car one day to read my Bible while he went hiking. I read this verse "Knowing this, that the law is not made for a righteous man, but for the lawless and disobedient." 1 Timothy 1:9

For some reason God just really convicted me that I don't really tell unsaved people that they are law breakers, and the law, is for them. The law isn't for those of us who have placed our trust in Jesus as Savior but for those who need to.

It's by the law that others can learn their great need for salvation.

To be honest, it's uncomfortable to tell people that. But here is the thing: how can they know how much they need a Savior if they don't realize, not only that they broke God's law, but that they deserve eternal punishment in hell for it? That's a hard thing to think about isn't it? But it's true.

Our family, our friends and people we come in contact with day to day, that don't know The Lord, need to be hearing these truths. It's by truth that people come to know Christ.

Why do I write all this? To encourage myself and to encourage you to tell others.

I also want to remind myself and you that sharing something like this must be done in a lot of prayer and be done very tactful and loving. The Bible says a brother offended is harder to win than a strong city so I don't recommend just casually telling someone they broke God's law and are going to burn forever. Ask The Holy Spirit to help you know the words to say, who to share this with and when to share. He will help you.

What do you think about this truth? 
Is this something you share or have shared with others? 
If you aren't a Christian has anyone ever taken the time to explain this to you? 


  1. love your thoughts & it is very true! especially when you said "how can they know how much they need a Savior if they don't realize, not only that they broke God's law, but that they deserve eternal punishment in hell for it?" because that is definitely a truth that a lot of us probably don't think about day to day!

    reminds me of Romans 10 - how can they call on the One whom they do not believe? how can they believe in the One whom they have not heard? ow can they hear if no one tells them? (loose translation ;))

  2. Beka, I love your heart and I love the way you wrote this. So very true and a good reminder for all of us. I am going to add it to my next "links and loves" post :)

  3. I spy a Georgetown historical city flyer.

    Now, on to the topic of your actual post. Telling "hard truths" that need to be told is something that Angel is much better at than I am, and it's something I admire and encourage in him. Being willing to speak truths that aren't 'pleasing to the ears' when eternity is at stake is necessary, and worth the difficulty of it all.

  4. I would give this post a standing ovation if I could. So well said! There's such a movement out there to tell everyone that God loves them and win them over with that. God does love us, but that's only part of the story! We will never understand where we actually stand until we understand the truth that we are lawbreakers who deserve hell. Thank you for writing this!