Our home - How we found it and some pictures

Today I thought I'd share a little bit more about how we found our home along with the renovations hat happened here. 

When Dave and I were talking about moving back to America we knew that we were done renting, for lots of reasons. First off, we felt like our money was just getting dumped into rent rather than into equity in a home. We were also were tired of having loud neighbors and having to deal with apartments. 

As soon as we got back to Kansas I started looking for homes in Wichita. One day, I literally looked at every single house for sale in Wichita that Zillow had listed. Yes, I know that was ridiculous of me but I was focused and slightly obsessed at that time. 

When it comes to homes Dave isn't as picky as me but we did each write out a 'must have list'. I'll share those with you. 

Dave's Must Have List:
-master bedroom, decent size
-private master bath: 2 sinks or 1 large sink
-One room large enough for TV / couches

Beka's Must Have List:
-wood floors in main area
-gas stove or at least a gas line to hook up a gas stove
-updated kitchen
-lots of natural lighting
-move in ready / minimal updates

We both knew that buying a fixer upper was out of the question because after living overseas and being on the move I was emotionally done. The thought of fixing up a house would have sent me in the 'fixing up' category emotionally. =) 

When I first started saving homes on Zillow, I found this house (our house now) and it looked remodeled but I couldn't tell if it was nice or not because the owner had taken all of the pictures at night. The pictures were dark and kind of confusing. Looking back, I'm so thankful he did that because it probably helped it not sell, which meant we ended up being able to get it. =)

After we came back from our trip to the west coast we started going to open houses. This one was on the open house list and was the 2nd house we looked at. I kept it in mind but I had two other homes I actually wanted more but they both sold and I was super super sad. It's funny how emotional one can get over a house they don't even own. I'm thankful God allowed those other homes to sell and that we are in this one. 

We met with our realtor and he did some research and told us that the flip on this house was a good one and not just a paint job to get it sold. It had a new roof, ac, heater, updated electric, and a lot of really neat features. A couple days later we went back to this house with our realtor. I really appreciate our realtor because he wasn't afraid to tell us if a home was good or bad. Our home was built in 1935 so we wanted his opinion to see if it was a good home or if it was one we should walk away from. After thoroughly looking over everything we could see with our own eyes in the house, we decided it was a good one and put in an offer. After a few negotiations we agreed on a deal. 

This house was the only house we looked at with our realtor but we knew it was the one we wanted. 

This house was a major flip! Dave and I found a video of this house before it had been renovated and wowsers! It was ugly and needed major work done. They did a really good job flipping it and pretty much everything on our wish list was met. I couldn't have designed a kitchen this cute myself and I'm really really thankful to be here. 

Here is the before and then the after of the outside. The before doesn't actually look that bad but I think that is because of the yard and the green trees. 

I'm also amazed that while we were in Burma God knew all about this house and that it was being renovated and that He saved it for us for when we got back. I have no idea how God worked out all those details but I praise Him because I know He did. 

AND I have to tell you this - while I was getting this post together I looked at the old picture that you see right above here and that date says 7/23/2015! That is my birthday you guys. So, on my birthday they were taking pictures of this house to sell it. I call that a really awesome birthday gift from God. Seriously! Only He could have done that awesome detail. 

Here is a video of the house before it was flipped. 

Here are a few pictures of it after it was flipped. Also, this is not our furniture or furnishings in the pictures. These are from the listing. I'll be sharing more of how we are making it our own after we get settled a bit more. 

And just in case you are wondering, the open concept makes it look much bigger than it actually is. The total square footage is 1,445 sq. feet so it's not huge but more than enough room for Dave and I. 

Here's the porch, which I love! Once I get furniture out there you can come have tea and coffee with me. =)

Entrance into the living room.

The dining room. Also, those stairs in the background go up to the master bedroom and bathroom.

The bar at the kitchen.

The kitchen! I love this kitchen.

We call this the Spanish bathroom and we both really like it. We have art from Haiti and it goes great in here. Also, you are looking at a mirror and the shower is what you see reflecting. It's a confusing picture.

This is a guest room that we turned into Dave's TV room. I decided it was a perfect TV room because of the lighting on the wall. Sadly, our couch won't fit through the doors to be placed in there so he only has a recliner. We are trying to figure out what to do in there for seating.

This is where you will stay when you come and visit us. It's our guest bedroom and has a huge closet that goes under the stairs.

This is the master and I like it because it is the only thing upstairs. Well, that and the master bath. 

I'm super thankful to be here and plan on sharing more about what we do with this place over time. There are definitely pros and cons of living in an old house but overall we really love it!

Have you purchased a home? How was that? Have you flipped or renovated a home before? 


  1. Beka, it looks gorgeous!! I'm so, so happy for you guys that you found just the right home. And it sounds like the perfect size--I love 'smaller' houses because....I don't love doing housework forever. That kitchen is great, and I'm like you, I have to have a gas stove. I don't even think I'd know how to cook on an electric stove.
    The house my parents bought when I was a baby was built in the 1890s...and the most recent renovations were in the 1950s. I remember so many house projects from my early childhood years--they sold that house two years ago after keeping it as a rental ever since we moved away and they are glad to be rid of that house. Angel and I lived there for the first three years we were married, and just rented from Mom and Dad. It had its charms, for sure...but more quirks than charms, probably.

  2. wow! such a gorgeous house & cool story!!! i just love that living room & your shower!! :)
    and we have the same print rug in a lighter blue in our kitchen right under the sink! ha! i'll be sharing pictures next week of the inside of our house! :)

  3. The outside of the house is gorgeous and I am absolutely obsessed with that kitchen! Beautiful! :)

  4. It's all so pretty! I love it! That modern kitchen and open floor plan and those wood floors and those gray walls... I just love it ALL! I'm so glad you found this wonderful place!

    And by the way, we got outbid on a house the year before we bought the house that we're in now. We were SO sad, but looking back now, I'm so grateful. This house is such a better fit for us. I just love it! :)

  5. It's beautiful! Thanks for sharing pictures. I love seeing into people's homes :)

  6. What a gorgeous home! I love the curb appeal and the inside is beautiful! We bought a house in December and it's definitely a "fixer upper!" It has good bones, but lots of wallpaper and ugly carpets! We're taking it one room at a time!

  7. It is beautiful! I love the floors and the natural light and the porch! What a blessing and it's cool to hear about how it was getting flipped and how the pictures were bad, which helped it not sell while it was waiting for you! God saved it just for you guys, and I think that's really cool.

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