10 on the 10th - April


I'm starting a new photography challenge for myself and you can join in too if you want. It's a pretty simple and fun one too.

I hear about photography challenges often but they seem overwhelming. There are things from Project 365, where you take a photo every day for a year, to month long ones, etc. I don't know where I heard about this one but it is called "10 on the 10th". And how it works is that on the 10th of each month you share 10 of your favorite photos from the previous month. I am going to use DSLR photos and iPhone pictures because I don't think every good photo has to be with a fancy camera.

I do realize it is the 15th of April but I forgot about this until today. =) So here are my 10 on the 10th pictures.

1. I had to include our house because I'm just still so excited to be here. You can read about our house here and see pictures of the inside of our house here. This picture was taken with an iPhone.

2. Below is also an iPad picture. Dave mentioned in his sermon that we never use my fancy Korean tea cups and so I made him drink tea with me for our 3rd anniversary. 

3 - 6. I bought a year long membership to the botanical gardens here in Wichita. It's super pretty and a fun place to practice photos. Here are four photos from my visit there.

 7. An iPhone photo - We planted a bunch of lilies at the front of our house. They are really pretty and will hopefully come back next year too. Also, those cute rain boots are from TJMaxx.

8. Bleeding heart flowers I planted. I originally saw these when we visited Singapore and knew I had to get them when I found them here. Aren't they so pretty? iPhone picture.

9-10. Flowers that we saw while visiting some friends in Tulsa. Can you tell I love to photograph flowers? Also, these were taken with an iPhone.

11. Bonus! But seriously, how could I not include a picture of Weasel and Dave? The little picture on the right is when Dave got Weasel as a welcome home gift

And that concludes my 10 on the 15th ;)! I'll be back in May for 10 more pictures.

What is your favorite thing to photograph? Do you prefer to take pictures of people or nature? 

Have you planted anything this spring? 

Are you doing a photography challenge? If so, please do share! 


  1. what a fun idea! and i love the tea cups! ;)

  2. I love these and I love this idea. Flowers in TULSA? yay!!! Those are my people.

    The first pic might be my favorite <3

  3. I tend to take more pictures of people than nature (though really, let's be real: I take more pictures of my dog than anything, ha!). But I do love photos of flowers. These photos are lovely!