The Return of Dave's Cat, Weasel

Meet Dave's cat (our cat now), Weasel! 

We just got her back last week and I'd thought I'd share the fun story of how all this happened. 

Weasel was Dave's cat and she lived at Dave's Mom's house. When we sold the house we weren't sure what to do with Weasel because Dave, as part of the agreement to marry me, said he would take my cat, Milo, who is terribly mean and won't live with other cats. Poor Dave traded his nice cat for my mean cat who didn't like too many people. 

Thankfully, we know the people who purchased the home and they agreed to just let Weasel stay there. She has been there since 2013 and has overall been doing really well. 

As some of you might remember, when we moved to Myanmar we gave my cat away. So, when we moved back to the States we were catless. booo =(  Dave didn't really want another cat, especially not an orange cat that reminded him of my cat. ha! However, I had heard that Weasel was outside more and that our friends who lived in the house where she was at, had some other cats too. 

I decided to ask our friends what they thought about us getting her back. They said it must be the Lord working because apprently Weasel, who is normally nice, had been agressive with the new cats they have. They liked Weasel a lot but felt bad because she was outside more than ever. So, they agreed to let us have her BUT this was a surprise to Dave and he had no idea. 

I told Dave that I had a house warming gift for him. I told him this on a Sunday and we were scheduled to get Weasel on a Friday. I could hardly contain myself all week!!! I was so excited!!! Friday came around and I finally went and got Weasel. Thankfully she remembered me and wasn't too distraught. I put her in our new house and then I had 4 cards for Dave to read and follow until he got to Weasel in her cat carrier. Here is a picture of the last card. 

Dave was surprised! He suspected that I had gotten an orange cat from the humane society that looked like my old cat. ha ha! Weasel remembered him and overall she is adjusting to moving to a new house very well. 

She honestly is the most loving cat I know. She purrs all time time and loves to be pet and held. Oh! And she is named Weasel because she is like a weasel and weasels in to all kinds of places. The first day we had her, I thought she ran away but she had snuck up into the attic and was having a grand old time.  

And her and Static, our dog, remember each other too. They like to cuddle but only when they think people aren't watching. 

Here is Weasel, petting herself against the brick column. =)

So tell me, are you a cat person or a dog person? How did you get your pets? What are their names? Have you ever gotten an old pet back? 


  1. What an incredible story! I love that you guys have Weasel back now! :)

  2. This is so sweet! I love how everything came full-circle!

  3. I LOVE the note you wrote for Dave! That is awesome and I'm glad the dog and cat are becoming friends :)

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