Vancouver, Canada


Dave and I in all of our travels had never been to Canada so we added it to our itinerary for this trip. It's only about 1 1/2 hours from where my brother lived so we drove up there. We had initially planned to go to Vancouver, Victoria and possibly Whistler. We ended up only going to Vancouver because to get to Victoria we had to take a ferry and that was $100 one way! Also, in Vancouver someone tried to break into our car (more on that down below) so we nixed Whistler off the list too.

To begin with you have to go through customs which was relatively easy. I've gone through a lot of customs before and the lady that questioned us asked SO MANY QUESTIONS! I started getting nervous and then she started asking more questions. She even asked us when we handled a gun last and blah blah blah. I honestly thought she was a bit rude but she eventually let us through.

We got in late afternoon and we first went to Stanley Park. Stanley Park is like Central Park in NYC but bigger and better. I say better because in Central Park we saw rats which really tainted my view of Central Park.

The Park has a sea wall that you can ride bikes around, walking and jogging trails, light houses, benches, city views and probably more that I don't even know about.

After the park we headed down to Gastown. It is famous for it's cute shops, interior design stores and restaurant and bars. It also has one of the world's only steam ran clocks which is the most photographed spot in that area.

The next day we planned on going to two parks: Lynn Park and Capilano Suspension Bridge. Capilano is the most famous and you do have to pay and entrance fee but Lynn Park is free. We headed out early and went to Lynn park first and then arrived at Capilano a little before they opened. 

Lynn park also has a suspension bridge along with some easy hiking trails. We arrived early and there was hardly any one there. I love the snowy trees and I also loved the mossy green in the trails where it hadn't snowed. So pretty! 

Capilano is famous for it's suspension bridge, a cliff walk and a tree top walk. Each part of the park was pretty awesome. Also, we purchased our tickets through Expedia and they were a few dollars cheaper on there. 

We arrived when it first opened and people initially flocked right to the huge suspension bridge, which is the most famous spot. We looked over and saw that no one was on the cliff walk so we went there first and pretty much had it to ourselves. 

To get to the tree top walk you have to go over the suspension bridge. I loved it but if you are afraid of heights I don't think this is the spot for you. =)

The tree top walk is basically Swiss Family Robinson of the north and it is so so much fun!!! 

Do you see Dave? =)

After walking around that park for a good long while we headed to downtown Vancouver to do the lookout. It's like The Space Needle of Vancouver and you all know I love love lookouts and towers!

We arrived right before the sunset and then stayed until it was almost dark. That way we could see the city at day and night. Again, these tickets were cheaper through Expedia.  

We loved the lookout and after we went to the parking garage where had parked our car so it would be safe and just like that someone shattered our front passenger window. It is never a good feeling to see that. 


I've read other travel blogs where something gets stolen from them and they say they will never visit that place again. I always thought that was a bit extreme but now that it happened to me I totally get it! I still would recommend Vancouver but I'd say be super super careful. As for Dave and I, we probably won't go there again on our own. It just put a huge damper on our trip. Also, I had to sit in the back seat and guide Dave letting him know if he could change lanes because he couldn't see out the window. Customs was pretty interesting too with him in the front and then I roll my window down in the back. ha!   

It cost over $230+ to get that window fixed and that is without tinting it. I am really thankful though because the guy who fixed our window said that the tinting actually kept the window intact where they couldn't break through. We had our camping stuff in the back so I'm thankful God watched out for us and didn't allow them to steal. 

The next morning Dave and I went to a lighthouse and to a lookout point. Both were really pretty and were free!

After that we drove back to Washington so we could get our window repaired. 

I'm glad we went to Canada! It was interesting and I never knew how different of a country it would feel like but it definitely is a whole different country.  I hope to go to Prince Edward Island one of these days with all the girls in my family so that should be fun if it happens. 

Have you been to Canada? If so where did you go and what did you do? 
Is Canada on your list of travels?


  1. I'm sorry about your window, but the rest of the trip looks fun. Gorgeous too! I've been to Niagra Falls, but I was only 4 or 5 at the time. Also, I ran about 4 miles during the Detroit Marathon over in Windsor, Canada. The Canadian border guards were quite nice - the American guards were scary! They were literally yelling at all of the runners, barking "SHOW YOUR BIBS!" at us all. Not friendly!

  2. I loved Stanley Park! We went to Vancouver two years ago, then to Victoria and down to Seattle and Portland and loved it. The pictures look so different this time of year!

    I am so sorry about your window. Such a bummer!

    and yes customs were a beating. I remember that too!

  3. Wow, these pictures are GORGEOUS! I especially love the ones with the suspension bridge! Breathtaking!