Ten Years ago Vs. Now

A couple of weeks ago Rachel posted a Ten Years ago vs. Today post and it was just so much fun to read! It got my brain thinking about my own life so today I am borrowing Rachel's idea and sharing my own list. 

Ten Years Ago Vs. Now


Ten years ago I could not handle spicy food in any way shape or form! Then I moved to Korea where spice was everywhere and in everything and I was hooked. 

Today I love to add spice to almost every meal. My favorite food used to only be mashed potatoes and fried chicken, and now I've added Indian, Thai and Vietnamese food to my list of favorites. 


Ten years ago there was no way that I was ever ever ever going to marry someone from the Christian school that I attended. 

Today I'm married to Dave who attended that Christian school with me. ha! To top it off we didn't like each other when we attended school either. I was a prude girl who followed the rules and Dave was the jokester who loved to pull pranks on people. I love how God works things out and changes our hearts and I'm beyond thankful for Dave and the marriage we have. 


Ten years ago I never thought highly of Asia. All those pictures of crowded streets and weird markets? No thanks! 

Today Asia holds a huge part of my heart. Sure the crowded streets and weird markets are still crowded and weird but that is something that makes Asia so unique. I also love the people of Asia a whole heart-full. 


Ten years ago the thought of living in one place and betting settled was no where on my radar. I also never wanted to live in Wichita long term. 

Today the idea of living in Wichita and putting some roots down here sounds so so good to me. I'm really looking forward to life here. 


Ten years ago reading was a pain for me and I never read unless I had to for school. 

Today I really enjoy reading. My favorite books to read are missionary biographies and historical fiction. I'm currently reading a series about WWII called The Zion Covenant Series (book 5) and they are such an eye opening set of books. 


Ten years ago the desire of my heart was to serve and help people no matter where I was. I also had a big heart for missions.

Today I'm happy to say that heart's desire is the same. I hope that here in Wichita God can use us to lead others to salvation and to make a difference for His Kingdom. I still love missions and am planning on encouraging and supporting missionaries. There is something powerful in being a support for those on the field. 

Health & Fitness

Ten years ago I didn't know much about eating healthy or taking care of my body and being tan was a high priority for me. I also thought running was the most awful idea ever and working out consistently was a major drudge. 

Today I know a lot more about eating healthy. I try not to go overboard with being healthy but I do feel well when I eat right. I've also learned to enjoy running and have ran 1 full marathon and 7 half marathons. I don't mind laying out in the sun every now and then but after living in Asia I've learned to be more content with the skin God gave me. In Asia they bleach their skin to become white and in America we fry our skin to become brown. Terrible, if you ask me. 

On-Line Friendships

Ten years ago I would have thought it was absolute craziness to meet someone on-line and then become their friend in real life.

Today, through blogging, I've met some wonderful women and I have gotten to meet some in person. It's been a huge blessing of friendship and I'm so grateful for it. 

How about you? What is something about you ten years ago that is different from today? 


  1. I really like this idea of a post! Funny, I'm actually back living in the same place I was living 10 years ago--although 7 of the intervening years were spent elsewhere! :P You can sure do a lot of life in a decade!

  2. What a fun idea for a post! So interesting to look back on how things and we change over time!

  3. 10 years ago, I was 21...oh boy! My life was so very different, and I never in a million years would have dreamed up the life I have now!

  4. I love this, especially hearing about you and Dave going to school together. haha

  5. I loved the Zion Covenent series and I was so sad when it was over! This was a fun post. It is amazing how we evolve and God changes and re-molds our hearts to be more like His. I love it!:)

  6. Ten years ago I would have thought the idea of running a marathon sounded completely insane and something I would never do... and I've done it twice! I'm glad ministry is still on your heart after all these years. You have such a joy from it that is awesome to see!

  7. I'm so glad you did this!! And I especially love your additions. You have had such a heart for ministry and I love that about you. :) I loved getting to know more about you both 10 years ago and today!

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